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Feb. IV Berlin Flanagan

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History in dancemusic by Sirius&Darktunes
2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella "Berlin Flanagan"
on Split 7" special bundel release of "AUZINE" direct rec. & cut by

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

GEORGIE PORGIE"Do You Remember"(12"/Club Edit"/1990/Tempest)
CRAZY GIRL"Bad Ass Reputation"(12"/Cut From Full Length Version/2004/DC Rec.)
2 PIGS UNDER ONE UMBRELLA"Berlin Flanagan"(Split 7"/2021/Vinylograth)
ADEVA"I Thank You"(12"/Somehouse Somewhere Mix/1989/Cooltempo)
OMD"Almost"(LP/"Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark"/1980/Dindisc)
Solitude FX"Secret Rendezvous"(Live/2009)
Eurythmics"You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart"(12"/Remixed By Alan Moulder/1987)
Paradox Obscur"Testimony"(LP/2017/Young & Cold)
Marquee Moon"The Hum(Part I)"(LP/"Angst + War"/1989/Dossier/Dark Entries)
Glover"One Man Released So They Can Imprison The Rest Of The World"(Ost/Ghosts Of The Civil Dead)
Neon Lines"Hurt"(MC/"II"/2018/Black Vers)
Low Factor"Terminal"(LP/"L Oiseau Du Desespoir"/Young & Cold)
Gary Numan"If We Had Known"(Edited Version)
Gina X Performance"Tropical Comic Strip"(LP/"Nice Mover"/1978)
Der Moderne Man"Blaue Matrosen"(LP/VA/"Sowas Von Egal"/Bureau)
Marianne Faifull"Broken English"(12"/Cut Version/1979)
BACCARA"Yes Sir, I Can Boogie"(7"/1977)
LAYLA SHY"Dance On The Music"(7"/1979)
SHEILA B. DEVOTION"No No No No"(Rare Alternate Version)
THE RAH BAND"The Crunch"(7"/Part 2/1977)
MARION WILLIAMS"Oh, Happy Day"(7"/Disco Version/1978)
BASSOMATIC"Fascinating Rhythm"(12"/Claudio Caniggia Mix/1990)
INNER LIFE"I Hope Its The Right Time"(GR)
BRYAN FERRY"Shame Shame Shame"(LP/"Lets Stick Together"/1976)
DISCO HALAL"Baladi"(Mehmet Aslan Edit)
TRINI LOPEZ"Unchain My Heart"(7"/1971/Reprise)
BONEY M"Daddy Cool"(Euro Nick 61 Ext.Remix)
VAN MCCOY"Soul Cha Cha"(7"/1976/H&L)
BRONSKI BEAT"Smaltown Boy"(Petko Turners Italo Edit)
GINA X"Drive My Car"(LP+12"/"Yinglish"/1984/Statik)
TAVARES"Heaven Must Be Missing An Angle"(Ext. Rework)
YELLO"The Race"(12"/Very Long Version/1988)

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