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march 4 pride

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pride 1 by sirius&darktunes
pride 2 by berhard&robert

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

pride 1
DEEE - LITE"Groove Is In The Heart"(Discotic Regroove)
WALTER GATE"Call Me LOve"(12"/Long Version/1983/New York)
SISTER SLEDGE"We Are Family"(Ext. Pied Piper Regroove)
PEOPLE UNDERGROUND FT. SHARON WILLIAMS"Music Is Pumping"(12"/Zack Toms Parade Mix/1997/Nervous)
NEW ORDER"Bizarre Love Triangle"(12"/Mixed By Shep Pettibone&Latin Rascals/1986)
"Sigue Sigue Spod Mix"(12"/Disco Night)
JACK JONES"Theme From Love Boat"(Ext. Fab Mix)
AMBER AND THE DEEP SOUTH DANCE BAND"Love Attack"(12"/Long Version/1979/London)
HEART"Barracuda"(Extra Ext. Fab Mix)
THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX"Defcon 1"(LP/"Theomania"/Play It Again Sam)
MGMT"One Thing Left To Try"(LP/"Little Dark Age"/2018)
pride 2 live from club u bernhard&robert

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