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march 5 trans* visibility day

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history in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

RAYN CASSATA"Gender Binary(Fuck You)"
KEROSIN95"Status Q"
DONNA SUMMER"Moroder Megamix"(Mixxed By Euronick 61)
AMIN PECK"Girls On Me"(EP/"Essential Trax"/DemocraticDanceBeat)
ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA"Hooked On Classics"(12"/Long Version/1981)
LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY"Love Sensation"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
DON NAURO&HIS BAR-CARIBBEANS"Aquella Vieja Magia Negra"(LP/"Sabado En La Noche En El Bar Tropical"/1978)
MUSIQUE"Good And Plenty Lover"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
GLORIA GAYNOR"Tonight"(LP/"I Have A Right"/1979)
AAVV"Bonerbian Vol.1"(1980)
CARLIS MUNRO"Big Time Fakers"(LP/"I Was Made For Love"/1979/Westbound)
FU KING"Fu King"(Part 2)
ANNE CLARK"Self Destruct"(12"/Ext. Version/1985)
SYLVESTER"Trouble In Paradise"(GR)
HUBERT KAH"Sternen Himmel"(12"/Long Version/1982)
The Gap Band"Burn Rubber On Me"(Ext. Version)
SAUZA DOBLE"I Luv To Dance"(12"/Disco Doble/1995/Floorwax)
EDDY GRANT"Do You Feel My Love"(ext. Fab Mix)
AFRICANISM"Block Party"(12"/JJK Re-Edit/BP Dj Promo)
REVANCHE"ItsDancing Time"(T.S.C. Wonder Wheel Edit)
MARC AND THE MAMBAS"The Animal In You"(2xLP/"Torment And Toreros"/1983/Some Bizzare)
7 The Rationately
GUESS WHO?"Flava On Wax"(12"/The Rub/1996/Ice Cream)
KISS"God Of Thunder"(LP/"Destroyer"/1976/Casablanca)

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