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Sendung vom 20.06.2021 17:00:

Mermaid & Seafruit (Wiederhohlung)

Mermaid & Seafruit is a collaborative project of Magdalena Chowaniec and Markus Steinkellner. The tracks of the Polish-Austrian duo inhale the deep, corporeal bass of Grime, the snottiness of Hip Hop, the frenzy of Hardstyle, the confrontational dynamics of Noise as well as the patient elegance of R’n’B and theatrical spoken word passages (description by Shilla Strelka). They will perform live on O-Sounds. In an interview after the performance we will focus on their experiences with improvisation and talk about their upcoming album (soon to be released via Ashida Park).

supported by Stadt Wien MA7 & SKE

(replay from 16.05.2021)
Mermaid & Seafruit will perform live soon @SKUG Salon: