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Asian Architecture - Interview with I-Ting Chuang

Interview with Professor I-Ting Chuang about Asian Architecture

Discussing about Asian architecture tendencies of the past, present and future with the Taiwanese Star Architect Miss I-Ting Chuang. You will have the pleasure to feed your mind with interesting insights on Asian culture, architecture, sustainability alongside with the European and American architecture, with the multiple winning Award Architect.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Ms. Chuang was educated at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and graduated with first honor B.Arch. (Bachelors of Architecture) degree. Then she attended the Graduate School of Design (GSD) at Harvard University, USA, gaining her M.Des (Master of Design) degrees. She was a Doctoral student of Architecture and Sustainable Design at Singapore University of Technology and Science. Ms. Chuang spent 7 years in New York practicing Architecture and Urban Design in renown firms before embarking on an academic career. Ms. Chuang's current research focus is on design informatics in urban geography with emphasis on data analytics and spatial quality of public spaces. She published many books, for example "Analyzing correlation of Urban Functionality and Spatial Configuration" in 2019.

Shih-Pao Yang and Linda Fresku conducted the interview and produced this broadcast as part of the course Emerging Fields in Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology.

A broadcast by Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger und Verena Holzgethan

Sendungsarchiv: https://cba.fro.at/series/spaceuriosity



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