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Sendung vom 17.02.2021 14:00:

nonrandom radio

14h : nonrandom music
mit Tracks aus dem O94 Musikarchiv

Jonquera - Benedictin / Clotses [Bamboo Show]
Yu Su - Touch-Me-Not [Music from Memory]
The Jaffa Kid - Sbds [Lith Dolina]
His Name Is Alive - Coldless [Disciples]
Lost Girls, Jenny Hval, & Håvard Volden - Menneskekollektivet [Smalltown Supersound]
Ana Roxanne - A Study in Vastness [Kranky]
slint - Breadcrumb Trail (Original Alternate “Dry” Mixes from 1990) [Touch and Go Records]
DNTEL - Fall In Love [Morr]
nathanashersherman - Caulked [tar]
yu su - touch-me-not [Music for Memory]
Virginia Wing - I'm Holding Out For Something [Fire]
R. Flex - Tulips [Halocline Trance]