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Challenges and experiences: to be a female traveller (RE:)

Sweet Travels about experiences of female travellers, challenges and experiences as women in different cultural regions.

As an addendum to this year's Women's Day, there is once again the broadcast about female travellers from 2020:

In 2018, Simone Kaipel and her partner Mischa G. Hendel embarked on a journey – through different countries and regions, with different means of transport, with various plans and ideas. On this journey, both also thought about travelling itself and questioned global travel behavior: What does travelling mean nowadays? Who are the people who are actually able to travel? What are differences of male and female travellers? What is it like – as a woman – to be alone or in a group (with a partner or friends)?

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Grimes – We appreciate Power
Mashrou Leila – Icarus
Abacus feat. Cimone – Everybody‘s Got To Learn Sometime
Ran-D – Zombie (Cranberries Cover)

Patti Smith – April Fool
Sinead O'Connor – Take Off Your Shoes
PJ Harvey – Good Fortune
Tori Amos – Bliss
Hole – Doll Parts
Björk – Violently Happy
The Cranberries – Dreams

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