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Sendung vom 14.04.2005 15:00:


In der zweiten Ausgabe der radia Sendereihe Radio Cult (Sofia) presents Ivan Bachev: ADIO


In this show i present two of the musical approaches i use in my works.

The first part deals with sound feedback and the ideas of sound behavior in an acoustical environment. I’ve developed a plain instrument that is a combination of a play-telephone and sound feedback. So only with an amplifier, two resonant boxes, cord and a pair of microphones i try to explore and show how the sound interferes in an environment. Getting result i find musical without controlling the sound and its properties, instead of setting up an environment for it to evolve.

The second approach i show here deals with a bit opposite idea. A macro approach to sound where i use already existing music result (mainly music that has a status of popular) that i recontextualize with a small sound toy i programmed. I find this as a way to respond and recycle that aural information that is the dominant in the media around me.

This show is a mixture of recorded audio presentations i gave of the tools i developed at runme-dorkbot events, and the actual music results i produced.