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Sendung vom 22.02.2021 21:00:

Cameroon Incognito

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This time Radio ORANGE 94.0 is featuring an episode of the TUMULT Podcast, "Cameroon Incognito". Here's what its producer, Regina Fisch, wrote:

The crisis in Cameroon has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in the world for two years in succession. While the devastating situation is continuing to unfold, media reports from the region are extremely sparse and documentation of the conflict is minimal.

This episode addresses the need for documentation and reporting on the crisis. What is happening in Cameroon? What does Colonialism have to do with it? And what can the international community do to help?

With the contribution of Ingrid Viban (international development researcher from the University of Oxford), Esther Omam (executive director of Reach Out NGO), and Lisa Trebs, (research assistant at Institute for Development Studies (IDS).

Listen to this as well as other episodes of the podcast TUMULT by Regina Fisch here: