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Sendung vom 26.11.2005 19:00:

Roots Edition

New releases from the veterans: Burning Spear and Cutty Ranks!

Featured new releases:
* Burning Spear - Our Music (Nocturne)
Winston Rodney returns with a brandnew album recorded in New York - actually we think it's his best in years.
* Cutty Ranks - Hard For It (Rude Boy Music)
This DJ-veteran delivers a new album that is red hot. Although we don't have the final release of "Hard For It" in hands - the promo-copy makes it clear that you just can't test Cutty Ranks. Solid as a rock and miles ahead of the rest!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Burning Spear - Walk (Our Music / Nocturne)
Burning Spear - Walk Dub (official download /
Burning Spear - Down In Jamaica (Our Music / Nocturne)
Burning Spear - One Marcus Garvey (Our Music / Nocturne)
Julian Marley - Programme & Station ID
The Scrucialists - Use Force (feat. Lutan Fyah) (All The Way / Rootdown)
Morgan Heritage - So Much To Come (Full Circle / VP)
Pressure - No Limitation (The Pressure Is On / Tsuni)
Jah Meek & Luciano - Everything Is Possible (Touched By An Angel / Velocity)
Prince Malachi - Programme & Station ID
Army - Honorebel (Rasta Awake / I-Grade)
Midnite - All My Life (Let Live / I-Grade)
Michael Rose - No Burial (African Roots / M)
Patrice - Programme & Station ID
LMS - London 2 Paris (London 2 Paris / VP)
Cutty Ranks - What Dem Fighting For (Hard For It / Rude Boy Music)
Cutty Ranks - Better Day (Hard For It / Rude Boy Music)