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House Nation

The History Of House- & TechnoMusic from the late 80ies
till now. With Special Guest Star MARTIN 101.

1)Martin 101"Straight To You"(12"/New Edit/2005)
2)Dangerous Cat(CD/2005)
3)Sweet Dreams(CDR/2005)

1)Sylvester"Your Love Is Amazing"(12"/Mixed By Ralph Tee
& Tim Eames/1991/Respect)
2)Gary Clail/On-U Sound System"Escape"(12"/On The Mix By
Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne/1991/Perfecto)
3)Noise Maker"Moments,..."(12"/Remixed By Johnny Vicious/
Strictly Test)
4)D.H.S."House Of God"(12"/The Remix/1991/Energy)
5)House Encounters"Deep North"(EP/"Volume 1"/1996/Mantra
6)RuPaul"Supermodel(You Better Work)"(12"/Couturemix/1992)
7)Diva Surprise Ft.Georgie Jones"On The Top Of The World"
8)White Boy Mike"Something To Dance To"(12"/V.A./"Club
Chicago"/Clubmix By Jesse Saunders/1989)
9)P.Conflict"Is This The Groove"(12"/Invfision Rec.)
10)96 North Ft.Josef"Sun Goddess"(12"/Dark Dub/99/LargeRec.)
11)C.L.McSpadden"Gonna Luv"(EP/"Real Butch Traxx"/95/Maxi)
12)Reese Project"The Colour Of Love"(2x12"/"Elixir Vitae-
Network 92"/V.A./Deep Reese Mix)
13)Renegade Soundwave"Thunder"(2x12"/"R.S.W.In Dub"/90/Mute)
14)Popcorn"Oh-Pee-Day"(12"/Jazz And Go Suite/Two Thumbs)
15)Full Swing"I Need To See You Soon"(12"/Disco 2000 Mix/
1994/Strictly Rhythm)
16)Dick"Weekend"(12"/Instr.+Zombie Mix/1991/Low Spirit)
17)Menstruation Monsters With Kristall"My Bunny"(12"/Orig.
18)Supermatic"The Power Of The Dark Side"(12"/1991/Go Bang!)
19)Octagon Man"Elff"(2xEP/"Magneton"/2003/DC Recordings)
20)Rebel MC"The Wickedest Sound"(12"/Swemix Remix/1991/
21)Acid Factor"Fantasy"(12"/Down Under Mix/2001/Orbit)
22)Loleatta Holloway"Heart Stealer"(12"/The Freddy Bastone
23)Photek Ft.Robert Owens"Mine To Give"(2x12"/Satoshi
Tomiee Mix/2000/Astralwerks)
24)Statement"Don´t Give Up"(12"/Dub Experience/1993/UMM)
25)Richie Rich Ft.Ralphi Rosario"Salsa House(You Used To
Hold Me)"(12"/Created By Evil Eddie Richards/91/FFRR)
26)I.Ricochet"Rotation EP"(12"/Track 4)
27)Man Machine"Animal"(12"/Primordial Jungle/1991/Outer
28)Abfahrt"Come Into My Life"(12"/S.M.I.L.E.Version/1992)
29)Moloko"Forever More"(12"/Pink Vinyl/2002)
30)C & C Music Factory"Gonna Make You Sweat(Everbody Dance
Now)"(12"/The Slammin´Vocal Club Mix/1990)
31)Amnesia"Ibiza"(12"/European Acid Mix/1989)
32)Baby Ford"Children Of The Revolution"(12"/Full Version/
1989/Rhyhtm King)
33)Fast Eddie"Acid Thunder"(2xLP/Fast Eddie Mix/"The Best
Of DJ Fast Eddie/1989/DJ Int.)
34)Tyree"Move Your Body"(12"/Julian Jumpin´Perez Mix/89/
DJ Int.)
35)Bizarre Inc."Playing With Knives"(12"/Quadrant Mix/1991/
Vinyl Solution)

Mentioned Movies:
1)War Of The Worlds(Steven Spielberg/05)
2)Party Monster(Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato/04)
3)A Dirty Shame(John Waters/05)
Peace, Love & Unity From SIRIUS & DARKTUNES...