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Sendung vom 04.02.2006 19:00:

Dancehall Edition

The Dancehall Crew Rides Again!

Sean Paul, Norris Man, Chuck Fender, Sizzla, Warrio King, Daville - these are only a few artists that will be featured in the show!

What would be a Dancehall Edition without a great amount of riddims? So we have several quite new riddims in store for you: Smarties Riddim, Siren Riddim,...

Furthermore we will present you a new interesting tune of two artists you haven't heart together before: R. Kelly and Elephant Man!!! If you are asking youself how this tune could sound - just listen the show!

Another part of the show is dedicated to two upcoming live performances: Chunkki Star on the 4th of February and Seeed on the 14th of February. You can be sure we will get you in the right mood for these events!

So a full hour of finest Dancehall music is waiting for you!