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Electric Tabou

The Sound Of The 80ies in HI-NRG, New Romance, Electro,
Gothic, NDW and so much more...
1)Miquel Brown"He´s A Saint, He´s A Sinner"(12"/Spec.Long
Version/1984/Record Shack)
2)Donna Summer"Love Is In Control(Finger On The Trigger)"
(12"/Dance Remix/1982)
3)Yello"Bostich"(12"/Long V./1981)
4)Depeche Mode"Personal Jesus"(12"/Holier Than Thou
Approach Mix By Francois Kevorkian/1989/Mute)
5)Attack"Can´t Stop"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Italo-Disco
Vol.8"/Long V./ZYX)
6)Zaza"Tango D´Elite"(LP/Long V./1982)
7)Spandau Ballet"Muscle Bound"(LP/"Journeys To Glory"/81)
8)Divine"A Divine Good Time"(12"/1985)
9)Jane Weidlin"Rush Hour"(12"/Mix By Bradley D.Hinkle/
10)Linda"Fire"(12"/San Francisco Mix/1987)
11)Twin Image"My Baby Loves Me"(12"/Ext.Dub/1984)
12)Eurythmics"Greetings From A Dead Man"(LP/"1984"/OST)
13)Sigue Sigue Sputnik"Sex Bomb Dance"(12"/1986)

Electro Crashdown:
14)Klaus Nomi"After The Fall"(LP/"Simple Man"/1982)
15)Visage"Blocks On Blocks"(LP/1980)
16)Soft Cell"Meet Murder My Angel"(LP/"This Last Night In
Sodom"/1984/Some Bizzare)
17)Alien Sex Fiend"The Impossible Mission"(LP/"Here Cum
18)Pump"Blind"(LP/"The Decoration Of The Duma Continues"/
19)Fad Gadget"For Whom The Bell Toll"(LP/"The Singles"/
20)Tik & Tok"The Tube"(EP/Edits By DMX Krew/2004/Rephlex)
21)Laser-Cowboys"Ultrawarp"(12"/New US-Final Conflict Mix/
1984/Street Heat)
22)Front 242"Headhunter"(12"/V 1.0)
23)Bronski Beat & Marc Almond"I Feel Love"(12"/Cake Mix/85)
24)Depeche Mode"Suffer Well"(2x12"/"Playing The Angel"/2005/
25)Human League"Life Kills"(LP/"Travelogue"/1980)
26)Nina Hagen"My Way"(LP/"Nina Hagen In Ekstasy"/1985)
27)Stephanie Mills"Pilot Error"(12"/Spec.Long Remix/1983/
Hot Tracks)
28)Patrick Cowley"I Wanna Take You Home"(12"/Spec.Long V./
1983/Megatone Records)

29)Warp 9"Nunk"(12"/Spec.Disco Mix/1982/Prism Rec.)
30)Humpe & Humpe"Geschrien im Schlaf"(LP/1985)
31)Bob Salton"Starknigt"(12"/Vocal V./Disco Mix/Blood Rec.)
32)Madonna"Dress You Up"(12"/Formal Mix By Jellybean
33)Talk Talk"It´s My Life"(2x12"/V.A./"Robot Dancing"/2005)
34)Suzanna Riches"Hungry For Your Love"(12"/Spec.Remixed
35)Joy Division"Isolation"(LP/"Closer"/1980/Factory Rec.)
36)Clan Of Xymox"Stranger"(2x12"/V.A./"Robot Dancing II"/05)
37)Gary Numan"Steel And You"(LP/"The Plan"/1978)
38)Sarah Dash"Lucky Tonight"(12"/Long V./1983/Megatone)
39)The Flirts"We Just Wanna Dance"(12"/Dance Edit/83/Rams
40)T.Ark"Count On Me"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Italo-Disco
Volume 8"/1987/ZYX)
41)Gazebo"I Like Chopin"(LP/1983/Baby Records)
42)G.J.Lunghi"Acapulco Nights"(12"/Long V./1984/Memory)
43)Marc Almond"Melancholy Rose"(12"/1984)
Mentioned Movies:
1)THE NOMI SONG(Andrew Horn/2005)
2)Der Dämon und die Jungfrau(La Frusta Es Il Corpo/Mario