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Hot Disco Nights

DiscoTunes & FunkyTrax from the 70ies compiled by
2)Love&Kisses"I´ve Found Love(Now That I Found You"(LP/77)
3)Blaze"So Special"(12"/So So Mix/1990/Motown)
4)Margot Thomas"Don´t Stop The Carnival"(12"/Long V./79)
5)Instant Funk"I Got My Mind Made Up"(LP/1979/Salsoul)
6)Vamps"Disco Blood"(LP/Part 2/Disco Mix/1977/Red Vinyl)
7)Penny McLean"Boogie Heaven"(LP/"Midnight Explosion"/78)
8)B&B"Lunar Chickenfarm"(LP/"Boogaloo"/1978)
9)Rod McKuen"Amor, Amor"(LP/"Slide...Easy In"/1978)
10)Johnny Wakelin"Gotta Keep On Going"(LP/"Reggae, Soul
& Rock´n´Roll"/1976)
11)Raes"School"(LP/"Dancing Up A Storm"/1979)
12)Coco Du Jour"Dancing In The Darkness"(12"/Orig.Mix/82)
13)Ram Jam"Black Betty"(12"/DMC Remix By Ben Liebrand)
14)Michael Jackson"P.Y.T."(2x12"/V.A./Hot Classics No.10)

17)O´Jays"Love Train"(12"/Long V./1972/Philadelphia Int./
18)C.J.&CO"Beware The Stranger"(LP/"Deadeye Dick"/1978/
19)Love De-Luxe"I Got That Feelin´"(LP/"Again And Again"/79)
20)Mantus"Turn Around Boogie Down"(12"/Long V./79/SMI)
21)Dr.Buzzard´s Original Savannah Band"I´ll Play The Fool"
22)First Choice"Doctor Love"(12"/A Dub Remix By Shep
23)John Carpenter"The Duke Arrives/Barricade"(LP/OST/
"Escape From New York"/Re-Issue/Previously Unreleased)
24)USA-European Connection"Love´s Coming/Baby Love"(LP/1978/
25)Azoto"Soft Emotion"(LP/"Disco Fizz"/1980)
26)Lipstique"Venus/Light My Fire"(LP/"At The Discotheque"/
27)Slick"Put Your Pants On"(LP/1979/Fantasy)
28)Shirley Bassey"Diamonds Are Forever"(2xLP/"Remix Album"/
Mantronik 007 Mix/2000)

29)Sumeria"Dance And Leave It All Behind You"(LP/"Golden
30)Jigsaw"Sky High(Disco)"(12"/Long V./1979)
31)Cut Glass"Without Your Love"(12"/Long V./1980/20th Cent.)
32)Salsoul Orchestra"Fiddler On The Roof"(LP/Medley/"Up The
Yellow Brick Road"/1978)
33)Krono"Jamaica Electric"(2x12"/1979)
34)Tommi"Oowee Baby"(12"/A Ruff Mix/1978/Private Stock)
35)Ken Elliot"Rock-A-Boogie"(LP/"Body Music"/1979)
36)Brenda & The Tabulations"Let´s Go All The Way(Down)"
(EP/V.A./"Casablanca Dance Classics-Street Edition"/
37)Silver Convention"No No Joe"(EP/1976/7"-Version/Yellow
38)Diana Ross"I´m Coming Out"(12"/Long V./1980/Motown)
39)Louis Lesther"Money Love"(12"/1978)
40)Herman Kelly & Life"Dance To The Drummer´s Beat"(12"/
Mixed By Jim Burgess/Re-Issue/T.K./Hot Classics)
41)Sleepy Brown"You Move"(12"/Fizz & Patrick Mix/2005/
42)Wonderland Band"Wonderland Love Theme"(LP/"Wonder Woman"/
43)Dave Brubeck"Unsquare Dance"(LP/V.A./"Disco Rarities")

44)Body Shop"Our Private World"(12"/Disco Mix By Tony
45)D.D.Sound"Burning Love"(LP/"Tonight At The Disco"/77/
Baby Rec.)
46)Kool & The Gang"Celebremos"(12"-Version/1980/De-Lite)
47)Prince"Uptown"(LP/"Dirty Mind"/1980)
48)Rick James"Fool On The Street"(LP/"Bustin´Out Of L Seven"
49)Supermax"Musicexpress"(LP/"World Of Today"/1977)
50)Peter Griffin"Spiderman"(12"/Long V./1979)
51)Giorgio Morodoer & Gloria Gaynor"The Last Night"(12"/
T&F Radio Mix/2000)
52)Donna Summer"Love To Love You Baby"(7"/US Chart V./75)
53)Meco"Pop Goes The Movies"(LP/Side A/1982)
54)Mascara"I´m Comin´Home Baby"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of
Lollipop Records")
55)St.Tropez"Coeur A Coeur"(LP/"Je T´Aime"/1977/Butterfly)
56)Anderbeat"Knuf!"(12"/Side B/Different Recordings)
57)Raffaella Carra"Felicita Ta Ta"(LP/"Liebelei"/1977)
Recommended Movies:
1)The Hitcher(Robert Harmon/1986/mit Rutger Hauer)
2)Faster Pussycat Kill!Kill!(John Waters/1966/Tura Satana)
3)Devil´s Rain(Nachts, wenn die Leichen schreien)
(Robert Fuest/1975/Ernest Borgnine, William Shatner)
4)Fascination(Jean Rollin/1979/mit Brigitte Lahaie)
5)Was geschah wirklich mit Baby Jane?(Robert Aldrich/1962/
mit Bette Davis, Joan Crawford)
6)Das deutsche Kettensägenmassaker(Christoph Schlingensief/
1990/ Udo Kier)
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