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Electric Tabou

Electric Tabou - The Sound Of The 80ies...
HI-NRG, New Romance, Gothic, New Wave, NDW, Electro &
PostDisco compiled by SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...

1)Marc Almond"Traumas Traumas Traumas"(LP/"Stories Of
2)Until December"Secrets(I Won´t Tell)"(12"/Ext.Version/86)
3)Human League"The Sound Of The Crowd"(LP/"Dare!"/1981)
4)Pamala Stanley"Rhiannon"(12"/Long V./Chameleon)
5)Valerie Krystal"Cut The Crap"(LP/"Tic Toc"/1983/RamsHorn)
6)Divine"Native Love/Love Reaction/Shoot Your Shot"
(LP/"T-Shirts And Tight Blue Jeans-NonStopDanceRemix"/84)
7)Yello"Angel No"(LP/"Stella"/1985)
8)Raquel Welch"This Girl´s Back In Town"(12"/Ext.Vocal
Remix By Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero/1987)
9)Cosmetics"Love Can Destroy"(LP/V.A./"U4 Live"/1981)
10)Scorn"Far In Out"(2x12"/"Gyral"/1995/Scorn Rec.)
11)ERA(Electronic Rhythmical Art)"Heysel Massacre"(12"/1986)
12)Marhall Hain"Dancing In The City"(12"/Summer City Mix
By Ben Liebrand/1987)

13)Sylvester"Trouble In Paradise"(12"/Remixed By Marty
14)Taco"Superphysical Ressurection"(12"/Long Version/1983)
15)Mike Cannon"Voices In The Dark"(12"/Vocal Version/83/ZYX)
16)A Flock Of Seagulls"Talking"(12"/Remix/1983)
17)Revolting Cocks"Da Ya Think I´m Sexy"(12"/Devotion Rec.)
18)Gary Numan"The Fear"(12"/1985/Numa)
19)Simple Minds"Up On The Catwalk"(12"/Ext.Mix/1983)
20)Duran Duran"Skin Trade"(12"/Stretch Mix By Larry Levan/
21)Modern English"Life In A Gladhouse"(12"/Different V./
1982/4 A.D.)
22)Classix Nouveaux"Because You´re Young"(12"-Version/1982)
23)Fashion"Alternative Playback(Full Frame)"(12"/1982)
24)DAF"Goldenes Spielzeug/Gold Gold Gold"(12"-Version/1981)

25)Hotline"Fantasy"(12"/Spec.Disco Remixed Version/1982/
26)KMFDM"Vogue"(12"/Long V./1992)
27)Peter And The Wolf(12"/Instr.Version/1986)
28)Bauhaus"Bela Lugosi´s Dead"(12"-Version/1979)
29)Nash The Slash"Children Of The Night"(LP/1980/Dindisc)
30)Freur"Riders In The Night"(12"/Spec.Remix Version/1984)
31)Marianne Ascher"These Boots Are Made For Walkin´"
(12"/Long V./1980/Uniwave)
32)M.T.R.Records"In The Mix Part V"(12"/Incl.Liasions
Dangereuses, J.M.Silk, Off)
33)Dave Ball"Strict Tempo"´(LP/"In Strict Tempo"/1983/
Some Bizzare)
34)Nina Hagen Band"Alptraum"(LP/"Unbehagen"/1979)
35)Frankie Goes To Hollywood"Two Tribes"(12"/Annihilation/
36)Tiga"YGWM(You Gonna Want Me)"(12"/Dance Mix/2005)


37)Raggio Di Luna"Comanchero"(12"/Long Vocal V./1984)
38)Carrara"Disco King"(12"/Long V./1983)
39)Bo Boss"Tequila"(12"/Long Discomix/1982/Il Disc 8)
40)Valerie Dore"The Night"(12"/Vocal Version/1984/ZYX)
41)Ego"Theme From E.T."(12"/Extra-Terrestrial Dance
42)La Bionda"I Wanna Be Your Lover"(LP/1980/Baby Rec.)
43)Fun Fun"Colour My Love"(12"/Club Mix/1984)
44)Koto"Chinese Revenge"
K.I.D."Come And Get It"
Forrest"Rock The Boat"
(LP/V.A./"Disc80tre"/1983/Baby Rec.)
45)Kano"I Need Love"(LP/"Another Life"/1983)
46)Ryan Paris"Dolce Vita"(12"/Orig.Remix/1999)
47)Bob Andrews"Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet"(12"/Extended
Version/1985/Stiff Rec.)
48)B.B.& Band"All Night Long"(12"/Long Version/1982)

Movie Recommandations:
1)APPLEGATES("Applejiuce"/USA 1989/R:Michael Lehmann/
mit Ed Begley Jr.)
2)Blumen des Schreckens("Day Of The Triffids"/UK 1962/
R:Steve Sekely)
3)Der Fluch der Mumie("The Mummy's Shroud"/UK 1966/
R:John Gilling)
4)Die Verdammten("La Caduta Degli Dei"/I 1969/R:Lucchino
Visconti/mit Helmut Berger, Ingrid Thulin, Charlotte
Rampling, Helmut Griem, Dirk Bogarde...)
5)Dellamorte, Dellamore(I 1993/R:Michele Soavi/mit Rupert