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The History Of The House- & TechnoSound from the early
beginnings ´till now: Compiled By SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...

1)95th North Ft.Josef"Sun Goddess"(12"/Main Mix/1999/Large)
2)Club 69 Ft.Suzanne Palmer"Muscles"(2x12"/Club 69 Future
3)DJ Enrique & Subtle Tease"Margot"(12"/Ladomat)
4)New World Romantic(EP/"Spirit"/Track A/Delsin.Rec.)
5)DJ Icon"Save You"(12"/Orig.Version/2001/Low Spirit)
6)Krystal K"Let´s Get It Right"(12"/Club Mix/2002/Kontor)
7)Alton Miller"Have Mercy"(EP/"Spaces & Places"/2000/
Track Mode Rec.)
8)Photek Ft.Robert Owens"Mine To Give"(2x12"/David Morales
World Mix/2000/Science-Astralwerks)
9)Television Set"Last Track"(EP/"Telegen"/2002/Genetic)
10)Ming"C´Est La Fete"(EP/"Wedel Edit"/2000/Doxa)

11)Duplex"P.O.M."(12"/Time Dilation 2/2005/Clone)
12)tWEAK"FAtHORN"(EP/1999/Straight Ahead Rec.)
13)Ab Fab"I Am Thin And Gorgeous"(12"/LP Version/1997/Logic)
15)Soulwax"Another Excuse"(12"/2005/Play It Again Sam)
16)Elektrofunk"New Generation"(LP/"Starlight"/2000/
17)Terry Lee Brown Jr."Downtown Life"(3xEP/"From Dub Till
Down"/2000/Plastic City)
18)Infiniti"Techno Por Favor"(LP/V.A./"Techno 2 - The Next
19)Felix Da Housecat"Let Your Mind Be Your Bed"(2xLP/"Devin
Dazzle & The Neon Fever"/2004)
20)Jam & Spoon"My First Fantastic F.F."(EP/"Tales From A
Danceographic Ocean"/1992/R&S)
21)Moby"Into The Blue"(12"/Sound Factory Dub By Junior
22)House Foundation Ft.Butch Quick"Feel It In My Soul"
(12"/Deep Zone Club Mix/1996/King Street Sounds)

23)DJ Pierre Presents Doomsday"Atom Bomb"(2x12"/Super
Chumbo´s Funk Destruction/1997/Twisted World)
24)Law & Order"Derrick"(12"/1992)
25)Disco Bump"Disco Sound"(12"/DJ Zuul & Demose Mix/1999/
26)Ocatgon Man"Genotype X"(2xEP/"Magneton"/2003)
27)Electric Heaven(12"/Track B/Red Vinyl)
28)Dimension 5"Dark City"(12"/2002/Delsin.Rec.)
29)Souldrummers Vs.Cottage Alert"Dance Freakin Dub"
(12"/2001/Afro Art)
30)CJ Lewis"Rough´n´Smooth"(2x12"/Tee´s Brown Sugar/1996)
31)P.Conflict"The Combination Of Two"(12"/Invasion)
32)Boris Dlugosch Presents Booom!"Hold Your Head Up High
Part 1"(12"/More Nunez Club Mix/1997)
33)Ming"Il Continente Mentale"(LP/"Interieur/Exterieur"/

34)A2L"Come On"(12"/Acid Love Mix/1989/Boy)
35)Blimp"Feeling It"(EP/V.A./"We Pledge Alliance"/Framework)
36)Donna Summer"Love Is The Healer"(12"/Thunderpuss Mix/
37)Booka Shade"Point Break"(EP/"Mandarine"/2005/Physical)
39)System F. Ft.Marc Almond"Soul On Soul"(12"/The Hacker
40)Fire Island Ft.Loleatta Holloway"Shout To The Top"
(3x12"/Club 69 Vocal Mix/JBO)
41)Jam & Spoon"Stella"(EP/"Tales From A Danceographic
42)Man Machine"Life"(12"/Side B/33+8/1994/WhiteLabel)
43)The Legend"Can You Feel It"(12"/Champion Megamix/1990)
44)Pet Shop Boys"NYC Boy"(12"/The Definitive Mix/1999)

Recommended Movies:
1)Die Nacht der 1000 Augen("Nightwatch"/R:Brian G.Hutton/
GB1973/mit Elizabeth Taylor)
2)Bleib wie Du bist("Cosi'Come Sei"/R:Alberto Lattuada/
I1979/mit Nastassja Kinski, Marcello Mastroianni)
3)Die Nacht der rollenden Köpfe("Passi Di Danza Su Una
Lama Di Rasoio"/R:Maurizio Pradeaux/I1972)
4)Party des Schreckens("Madhouse"/R:Ovidio De Assonitis/
5)Die Todeskarten des Dr.Schreck("Dr.Terror's House Of
Horror"/R:Freddie Francis/GB1964/mit Peter Cushing,
Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland)
6)Immortal("Immortel"/R:Enki Bilal/F2004/mit Linda Hardy,
Thomas Kretschmann, Charlotte Rampling)
7)Die Brut des Bösen("Embryo"/R:Ralph Nelson/USA1976/
mit Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera)
8)The Card Player("Il Cartaio"/R:Dario Argento/I2004/
mit Stefania Rocca, Liam Cunningham)
9)Satansbraten(R:Rainer Werner Fassbinder/D1976/mit Kurt
Raab, Ingrid Caven)
Peace, Love & Unity From SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...