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Roots Edition

... New Release Round-Up Pt. 1 ...

Fans of Roots Reggae are in for a treat: Lots of new releases comin' your way, and we all present them here on Ackee & Saltfish. In fact we have so much new stuff that the next three shows will all be Roots Editions; Dancehall-aficionados stay tuned 'til Fred & Andi will return with an extra-wikked Dancehall-feast early April.

Featured Music on this Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish:

* Dr. Israel Presents Dreadtone International - Patterns Of War (ROIR Records)

* Various Artists - African Rebel Music (Out Here Records)

* Wackies - Dub Unlimited (Wackies Records)

* Whispering Lion - Tribute To The Spirit (World Of Rhythm Records)

* Whispering Lion - Real Revolution (World Of Rhythm Records)

* Midnite - Current (Natural Vibes Records)

* Kwanzamo Roots Rockers - Kwanzamo Roots Rockers (Actual Music)

* Zion Judah - Good Sensi (Mount Zion Records - 7")

PLUS: We're giving away Whispering Lion's CDs "Real Revolution" and "Tribute To The Spirit" on this show!

Pls. note: Damian "Junior Gong" Marley will be in town on March 22nd @ Szene Wien - the concert is already *sold out*

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Dreadtone International - Counting Out Stones - (Patterns Of War / ROIR)
Dreadtone International - Counting Out Dubs (Patterns Of War / ROIR)
Rebellion The Recaller ft. Suns Of Light - We Must Rebel (African Rebel Music / Out Here Rec)
Necessary Noize - Bless My Room (African Rebel Music / Out Here Rec)
Sydney Salomon & The 12 Tribes Of Israel Band - Shashamane On My Mind (African Rebel Music / Out Here Rec)
Wackies - Dub To Jah (Dub Unlimited / Wackies)
Whispering Lion & Jah-Z - Radio & Station ID
Whispering Lion - Real Revolution (Real Revolution / World Of Rhythm Rec)
Whispering Lion - Over You (Tribute To The Spirit / World Of Rhythm Rec)
Whispering Lion - Lion Lay Down With The Lamb (Tribute To The Spirit / World Of Rhythm Rec)
Midnite - Fors Ake (Current / Natural Vibes)
Midnite - Up Full (Current / Natural Vibes)
Midnite - Mornin (Current / Natural Vibes)
Zion Judah - Good Sensi (Promo-mp3 / Mt. Zion Rec.)
Kwanzamo Roots Rockers - Bright Like Stars (Kwanzamo Roots Rockers / Actual Music)
Kwanzamo Roots Rockers - I Thank You (Kwanzamo Roots Rockers / Actual Music)