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The History Of House- & TechnoSound from the late 80ies
till now...compiled by SIRIUS&DARKTUNES.

1)Francisco"Big Love(Megalove)"(2x12"/"Music Business"/
2005/Nature Records)
2)Dave Kurtis"I Love Disco Vol.10"(2x12"/B2/WhiteLabel)
3)Workidz"Damned"(EP/"Damned World")
4)Tiga"(Far From)Home(The Speed Of Sexor Reprise)"(3x12"/
5)Cocamoto Exclusivo"Analmatique II"(12"/2005/Must!)
6)A Diva(12"/2005/Intergroove)
7)Lindstrom Presents:Plague The Kid"Er Bestemor Paa Moten"
(12"/Bear Entertainment)
8)Soulwax"E-Talking"(12"/Tiga´s Disco Drama Remix/05/PIAS)
9)Amanda Lear"Paris By Night"(12"/DIY Cool Mix/2005/
Do It Yourself Entertainment)
10)Margot Meet The Melody Maker"Torch"(12"/Main Mix/2005/

11)Liason D"He Chilled Out"(12"/Vocal Version/90/WhiteLabel)
12)Ada"Arriba Ameoba"(12"/2003/Areal Rec.)
13)Chosen Few"Revolution Of The Heart"(12"/Lao Tzu House
14)Vitalic"Juliet India"(EP/"No Fun"/2005/Different-PIAS)
15)GTO"Love Is Everywhere"(12"/Love Parade Mix/1992/Mute)
16)Felix Da Housecat"Watching Cars Go By"(2xLP/"Devin
Dazzle & The Neon Fever"/2004)
17)Jark Prongo"K-Ucci"(12"/1994/Fresh Fruit)
18)Todd Terry Project"Put Your Hand Together"(2xLP/"This Is
The New..."/1992/Champion)
19)Duplex"P.O.M."(12"/Time Dilation Remix/2005/Clone)
20)Todd Terje"Eurdans"(12"/2005/Fullpupp)
21)Fregna"Francisco"(EP/"Francisco"/2005/Pigna Rec.)
22)Maria Suntan"Deep And Dozen"(EP/V.A./2005/Playout)

23)Cybordelics"Peter Pan"(3xLP/"Harthouse Retrospektive
Part 3"/V.A./1998)
24)Blu Peter"Biological Response"(3xEP/"Widescreen &
Digital"/1999/React Music)
25)Renegade Soundwave"Transworld Siren"(2x12"/"R.S.W.In
26)Roger S"Livin´4 The Underground"(2x12"/"Strictly 4 The
Underground"/1995/Strictly Rhythm)
27)Voice Of The Underground Presents Join Three"Movin´On"
(12"/Urban Mix/1993)
28)Harlem Zip Code"I Feel Music"(EP/"Vibrations"/2001/Paper)
29)Dave Slide"Eat This"(EP/Underground Tunes)
30)Andreas At Schnittstelle(12"/A/Music Man)
31)Mundo Muzique"Azimuth(Explorer)"(2xEP/"The Lost Archives
1989-1994"/Synewave New York)
32)Bob Sinclair"The Beat Goes On"(12"/Orig.Mix/02/Defected)

33)Ongaku 001(12"/Track 4/Ongaku Music)
34)Rhythmatic"Frequency"(12"/Depth Mix/1990/Network)
35)Love Corporation"Palatial"(2xLP/V.A./"Keeping The Faith"/
Danny Rampling Mix/1991/Creation)
36)Trude Bliss & Hobo Voyages"It's Only A Ride"(12"/
4:00 AM And Rising/1991/Flatbush Beat)
37)Sylvester"Rock The Box"(12"/Purple Haze Acid House
38)Winx"Don Laugh"(12"/Remix By Winx/1995/Nervous)
39)808 State"Deepville"(12"/1988/State 003)
40)Barbarella(2xLP/V.A./"The Secret Life Of Trance"/
Caspar Pound & Peter Smith Remix/1993/Rising High)
41)Test Department"Chillo(Sunrise)"(2xLP/"Totality"/1995)
42)Final Exposure"Vortex"(12"/1991/+8 Records)
43)Hypernature"It Was Great"(12"/1991/Ohm)

Recommended Movies:
1)Alien Vs.Predator(USA/D/CZ/CAN 2004) (R:Paul W.S.Anderson/
mit Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Lance Henricksen)
2)Schloß des Grauens("La Vergina Di Norimberga")(I1962)
(R:Antonio Margheriti=Anthony M.Dawson/mit Rossana
Podesta, Georges Rivere, Christopher Lee)
3)Sexorgien der schwarzen Hexen("Fluch der schwarzen Hexen"
aka "Vein Of Blood")(CH/D1973)(R:Joseph W.Sarno/mit Nadia
Henkova, Anke Syring, Maria Forsa)
4)Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung("The Taning Of The Shrew")
(I/USA1966)(R:Franco Zeffirelli/mit Richard Burton,
Elizabeth Taylor, Michael York)
5)Models(A1998)(R:Ulrich Seidl/mit Vivian Bartsch, Lisa
Grossmann, Elvyra Geyer, Peter Baumann)
6)"Succubus" aka Necronomicon-geträumte Sünden(E/D1967)
(R:Jess Franco/mit Janine Reynauld, Jack Taylor und
Adrian Hoven)
7)Infam("The Children's Hour")(USA1961)(R:William Wyler/
mit Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner)
8)Scream-Schrei!(USA1996)(R:Wes Craven/mit Neve Campbell,
Drew Barrymore)
9)Perversion("Flores De Perversion")(BRD/E2003)(R:Jess
Franco/mit Fata Morgana, Camen Montes, Lina Romay)

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