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radia 50 / radia da

RADIA: the adventures of káosz kapitany /////////// RADIA DA: Portrait (Hemma von der schönen Au)

(Beitrag von tilos radio, Budapest)
"the adventures of káosz kapitany" (i.e. captain chaos)
The Adventures of Khaosz Kapitany is the craze of our Sunday nights at Tilos - as it has been for 7 years. The general concept of the show is to gather rare music, sounds, voices and use the characteristics of the studio space - with its gadgets, and Sunday-night hangers around reading auspicious texts to create strange atmospheres.

The present compilation is a mix of music by Nino Rota, Felix Kubin, Sam and the Pharaoes, Alice Coltrain, Albert Einstein Commitee, Ganja Cru, Stock Hausen and Walkman, together with sound fragments picked from old horror videos, radio soap operas and avantgarde poetry with some instrumentral improvisation by Hungarian band leader Dr.Marias. This part is a sample from their special “Menza Brothers - Dadaist Culture Revue” - live instruments, with record manipulation and effects - and two voices reading-yelling found texts - with Khaosz Kapitany at the controls.
Beware… mostly in Hungarian.
OK, basically, it takes you through the purgatory, and …. let’s see what happens at the end.

radia da:
ein portrait über die in wien lebende musikerin
"hemma von der schönen au"