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Sendung vom 24.01.2004 0:00:

Roots & Dancehall Edition

Word, Sound & Power: The Julian Marley Special

Yes folks: It's Julian Marley, the son of Bob, in his own words...

Ackee & Saltfish proudly presents an interview with Bob Marley's most talented offspring, featuring sounds from his brandnew "A Time and Place"-album. We met Julian last year and reasoned with him on the legacy of his father, his family relations, his latest set of crucial works and the ever-remaining truth behind it all...

* We review the Congos classic "Congo Ashanti"-set, now re-released on the Blood & Fire imprint
* U Roy is back with his new outing "Rebel In Styllee"
* Hear what a gwaan up north on Echo Beach's new compilation "Reggae Germany Downtown"
* "Respect Is Due": Los Placebos say so in a ska-style
* Catch a sneak-preview of Dub Syndicate's wicked new "No Bed Of Roses"-release

Don't miss this edition of Ackee & Saltfish, as we have 'nuff, 'nuff rootical vibes coming at you...