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Roots & Dancehall Edition

Tanya sings the blues

Yes, folks: Tanya Stephens is back again with her new outting "Gangsta Blues", due on March 30st!

Remember "Big Ninja Bike","Handle the Ride" or "Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet"? Well, that was then and this is now. After a short stay in Sweden, where Ms. Stephens recorded a much talked about but little heard pop-album titled "Intoxicated", she relocated to Jamaica. And now - believe you me - she's ready for the world. "Gangsta Blues", her soon to be released new album on VP Records, is nothing like you heard from her before - and it's wicked!

Ackee & Saltfish airs a special with tunes from "Gangsta Blues", plus: Tanya speaks her mind on the new album. Make sure you don't miss this show, it's Tanya Stephens - and she's rrrrready to rrrrrumble!!!

Right on... You think that's all? You dead-wrong.

Of course we have nuff tunes to rock your bones, plus these brandnew releases:
* "Reggae Anthology - Channel One" ...and yes! We're talking killer-classics here.
* "Putumayo presents World Reggae" Needless to say: Reggae long gone international!
* "Heartaches & Pain"... will disappear if you listen to the rhythm-compilation of the very same title - trust me.
* "Homegrown Vol. 1" is actually grown in St. Croix, US-Virgin Islands, and we're talking high-grade music here.
* "Rastafari 4 Eva" is a wicked roots-release by the man called Iqulah.

Watch out for:
* Wayne Wonder performing @ Szene Wien on April 8th, 2004
* Julian Marley performing @ Szene Wien on April 20st, 2004

Can't say you've never been warned, can you?