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Roots & Dancehall Edition

Mounia Sahara: The African princess

Yes folks, told you time and time again: Reggae is in need of more female artists... so it's my pleasure to introduce you to Mounia Sahara, the african princess.

Born in Morocco/North Africa, Mounia Sahara migrated to Canada with her parents at a very early age. Due to the fact that her father was a musician himself, she was surrounded by music constantly and sang or played instruments with her Dad. At age ten, she won her first young talent contest and continued to sing until she lost interest for some time pursuing other endeavors. Finally, she was rediscovered by producer Delroy 'Silvanus' Robert. Since then she provided background-vocals for Ken Boothe and performed with Everton Blender... but now Mounia presents her very first album entitled "I've Got A Joy", out on Silver Globe Records.
Watch out for Mounia Sahara, the african princess!

Plus -as usual- there will be nuff tunes to rock your bones... this time a lot of tracks plus versions and some nice 12" selections.

Watch out for:
* Angelique Kidjo performing @ Szene Wien on May 2nd, 2004
* Agoo Group/Messiah D & Sankofa Band/Jayasri performing @ Szene Wien on May 8th, 2004
* Junior Kelly/Jah Mason/Turbulence performing @ Szene Wien on May 10th, 2004
* Lucky Dube @ Szene Wien on June 3rd, 2004

That's it, folks - the next two shows in May will be guest-hosted by Orange 94.0's very own Camillo Tossoukpe.