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Dancehall Edition

Morgan Heritage, Raggabund & Sorgente interviews

This time it is a really special edition: we have three interviews prepared for you and you have also the chance to win one of two CDs!!!

We will start with a combined interview which will feature messages by Raggabund & Sorgente! Furthermore you get the chance to listen to the new Raggabund album "Erste Welt" and Sorgente's new album "First...And Then?!" which will be realesed in July - so you hear it first on Radio Orange! But that is not all: we will give away Sorgente's latest EP "Pumpin'".

Additionally you can win the new Jamaram album "Ooku Chaka". We will also present you three songs form this album which was released in May.

Usually this would be enough to fill a regular edition of Ackee & Saltfish but this time it isn't!
After several announcements we are finally happy to present you the Morgan Heritage interview.
The next chance to see Morgan Heritage live in concert is at the Rototom festival in Italy on the 12th of July.
As usual we will present you the latest news about the festival. If you wanna get even more detailed information just go to

So be prepared for an extraordinary show - don't miss it!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Luckie D - Head To Toe (Naked Gaze Riddim / Bad Wolf)

Raggabund - Fascho Funk (Erste Welt / Soulshine)
Raggabund - Militär (Erste Welt / Soulshine)
Raggabund - Raggabund Chant (Erste Welt)
Sorgente - Let The World Go Round ( First…And Then?! / Soulfire)
Sorgente - Du Da Da Thing (First...And Then?! / Soulfire)
Raggabund - Fever (Erste Welt / Soulshine)
Raggabund - Babygirl (Erste Welt / Soulshine)
Sorgente Pumpin (First...And Then?! / Soulfire)

Jamaram - No Place To Run To (Ooku Chaka / Soulfire)
Jamaram - I Like It (Ooku Chaka / Soulfire)
Jamaram – Music (Ooku Chaka / Soulfire)

Morgan Heritage - Set Yourself Free (Jah Protect / Heartbeat)
Morgan Heritage - Dont Haffi Dread (Dont Haffi Dread / Heartbeat)
Morgan Heritage - Hail up The Lion (Full Circle / VP)
Morgan Heritage - Tell me How Come (Full Circle / VP)
Morgan Heritage - I'm Still The Same (Full Circle / VP)