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The House- & TechnoHistory compiled from SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...
SpecialGuestStar:MISS CANDY!!!

1)Madonna"Sorry"(2x12"/PSB Maxi Mix/2006)
2)Duplex 100"Wellhung"(12"/A/2006/3rd Floor Rec.)
3)Customizers"Maori´s Pride"(12"/2001/East West)
4)Polygamy Boys"Firenze Ft.Sabine Saad"(EP/"Metropolis
Tango"/Gladiator Mix/2005/Space Factory)
5)Dynamo"Bark Like A Dog"(12"/Volga Select Mix/2005/Kill
The DJ Rec.)
6)Tiga"Who´s That?"(3x12"/"Sexor"/2006/Different-PIAS)
7)Kango´s Stein Massiv"Eddik"(EP/"Ting Ae Like Te Mat"/
MBF Rec.)
8)Maetrik"Tiny Destructor"(12"/Janovsky´s Dance Version/
9)Bowling Rec.Ft.Alison Degbe"As Time"(EP/"As Time Goes
By"/Bowling Orig./2006)
10)Karen Ramirez"Troubled Girl"(2x12"/Masters At Work Dub
2 Mix/1998/Manifesto)

11)Marc Romboy"Jack Is Back"(12"/Orig./2005/Systematic)
12)Resist 101"Impulse 101"(EP/"Impulse"/1992/Hype!)
13)Mylo Vs.Miami Sound Machine"Dr.Pressure"(12"/Dirty Club
14)Yello"I Love You"(12"/The Emilio Pasquez Rubber Band Mix/
15)Padded Cell"Signal Failure"(12"/2005/DC Recordings)
16)Dirty Mind"Techno In The Swingtime"(LP/"The Killer"/
1990/Italian Style)
17)Dirty Minds"I Want U"(2xEP/V.A./"The Glimmers DJ Kicks"/
18)M.A.N.D.Y. Vs.Booka Shade"Body Language"(12"/2005/
Physical Music)
19)Lost Boys"It´s Time For A Change"(12"/Sterling Edit/1989/
4th B´Way)
20)Dr.Motte & Westbam Presents"Love Parade 2000"(12"/Dr.
Rhythm Vs.Dr.Motte Acid Mix/Low Spirit)
21)Duran Duran"Decadance"(12"/Ext.Mix/1989)
22)Kerrier District"Disco Bus"(3xEP/2004/Rephlex)

23)Neonman"Future Is Pussy"(12"/Orig.Mix/2005/Neuton)
24)Goldfrapp"Ride A White Horse"(12"/Serge Santiago Re-Edit/
25)Mark Broom"Twenty Nine"(EP/"From London With Love"/Black
Mix/2006/BPitch Control)
26)Solar Ft.Remute"Cutting Your Head Off"(EP/The Horrorist
Mix/2003/Forte Rec.)
27)Welt Zwei"Radarius"(12"/Sende 055)
28)Sebo K"Moved Ft.Prosumer"(12"/2005/Mobilee Rec.)
29)Maetrik"Tiny Destructor"(12"/Orig.Mix/2005/Treibstoff)
30)Fast Eddie"Acid Thunder"(12"/Unkle Funk Vocal Remix/
2006/Retro House Classics)
31)M.Troutman"Inside Out"(EP/"First Blood"/2002/Neuton)

32)Todd Terry Project"Holding On"(2xLP/"This Is The New..."/
UK Master Mix/1992/Champion)
33)Joe Smooth"Disco Acid"(EP/"Disco Acid Vol.5"/2004/Trax)
34)Duplex"P.O.M."(12"/Mateschitz Mix/2005/Clone)
35)Boytronic"Blue Velvet"(12"/The Asian Experience Mix/
37)Terry Lee Brown Jr."Ocean Of Joy"(3xEP/"From Dub Till
Dawn"/2000/Plastic City)
38)Pizarro"Perdona Me(Forgive Me")(LP/"Future Muzik"/1992/
DFC Rec.)
39)Marc Almond"Out There"(2x12"/Cabaret Mix/1996)
40)Wladimir M"Going South"(EP/"As The Leaves Fall From The
Trees"/1991/Eevo Lute Muzique)
41)KGB"Stark"(LP/V.A./"Techno 2-The Next Generation"/Kevin
Saunderson Mix/1990)
42)Felix Da Housecat"Hunting Season"(2xLP/"Devin Dazzle &
The Neon Fever"/2004)
43)Max Reich"Hear & Move"(EP/"Workout"/1997/Millenium Rec.)

Recommended Movies:

1)Die Mumie des Pharao("Dawn Of The Mummy")(USA1981/
R:Frank Agrama/mit Brenda King, Barry Sattels, George
2)Puppenmord("The Misadventures Of Mr.Wilt")(UK1989/
R:Michael Tuchner/mit Griff Rhys Jones, Mel Smith,
Alison Steadman)
3)Kloster der 1000 Todsünden("La Monaca Del Paccato" aka
The Convent)(I1986/R:Joe D'Amato/mit Eva Grimaldi,
Gabriele Tinti, Karin Well)
4)Decamerone("Il Decamerone")(I1970/R:Pier Paolo Pasonlini/
mit Franco Citti, Ninetto Davoli, Angela Luce)
5)Scarletto-Schloß des Blutes("Il Boia Scarlatto" aka
Bloody Pit Of Horror aka The Crimson Executioner)
(I/USA1965/R:Massimo Pupillo=Max Hunter/mit Mickey
Hargitay, Walter Brand, Ralph Zucker=Massimo Pupillo)
6)Ausbruch der wilden Wölfe("Alone In The Dark" aka Zwei
Stunden vor Mitternacht)(USA1982/R:Jack Sholder/mit
Jack Palance, Martin Landau, Donald Pleasence)
7)Irreversible(F2002/R:Gaspar Noe/mit Monica Belucci,
Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel)
8)Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach("Cat On The Hot Tin
Roof")(USA1958/R:Richard Brooks/mit Elizabeth Taylor,
Paul Newman)
9)Die Klasse von 1984("Class Of 1984")(CAN1982/R:Mark
L.Lester/mit Perry King, Merrie Lynn Ross, Timothy Van
Patten, Michael J.Fox)
10)Frankenstein Junior("Young Frankenstein")(USA1974/
R:Mel Brooks/mit Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty
Feldman, Madelyn Kahn)
11)Höhenkoller("High Anxiety")(USA1977/R:Mel Brooks/mit
Mel Brooks, Madelyn Kahn, Cloris Leachman)
12)Der Triebmörder("La Bestia Uccide A Sangue Freddo" aka
Schloß der blauen Vögel aka Asylum Erotika)(I1971/
R:Fernando Di Leo/mit Klaus Kinski, Margret Lee, Monika
Strebel, Rosalba Neri)
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Peace, Love & Unity From SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...