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The DanceSound of the golden 70ies compiled by

1)Chic"My Feet Keep Dancing"(LP/"Risque"/1979)
2)David Fathead Newman"One Step At A Time/You Gotta Keep
Gotta Keep Dancin´"(LP/"Scratch My Back"/1979/Prestige)
3)K.C.& The Sunshine Band"Boogie Shoes"(2xLP/V.A./OST/
"Saturday Night Fever"/1979)
4)Beatconductor Ph-Illy Reworks"Love Music"(12"/SpicyPromo)
5)The Force"The Dirty Dog"(12"/Spec.Long Version/1979/
Philadelphia Int.)
6)Diana Ross"Love Hangover"(12"/Unreleased Remix Disco
7)Joe Simon"Love Vibration"(12"/Full Length V./1978)
8)Methusalem"Time Machine"(LP/"Journey Into The Unknown"/
9)Denie Corbett"What You Won´t Do For Love"(12"/Special
Long Version/1979/Reflection)
10)Somethin´Extra"Give Me Your Love"(12"/Long V./79/Unidisc)
11)Soulwax"NY Lipps"(12"/Kawaziki Dub/2005/PIAS)


12)"Eve War"(12"/2006/WhiteLabel)
13)Platin Disco 001"I Feel Love"(EP/2006)
14)Best Of Disco Galaxy 2(BDG)(12"/B2/2006)
15)First Choice"Smarty Pants"(12"/Rodgoul Groove Mix/2006/
Disco Dust Rec./Japan)
16)House Colours #1"Don´t Say Goodnight"(12"/Orig.Mix/2006/
Table Rec.-JR)
17)Abbaesque"Summer Night City"(12"/2006/WhiteLabel)
18)Classic Editon Vol.1(EP/V.A./"Gold Edition"/A2/2006/
Disco Galaxy Rec.)
19)Boogie Pimps"I´ve Got The Music In Me"(12"/Ext.Mix/2005/
Scorpio Music-Superstar Rec.)
20)Tangoterje"Dance N Chant"(12"/2006/Supreme Rec.)
21)Roller Disco Series 1"The Bottle"(EP/2006/Gaproductionz)
22)"Disco Rubin"(EP/B2/2006/WhiteLabel)

23)Doris Jones"No Way Out"(12"/Long V. By Ian Levine/1977)
24)Taka Boom"To Hell With Him"(12"/Vocal V./83/Prelude)
25)Wildflower"Harlem Nocturne"(12"/Vocal Version/1977/T.K.)
26)Penny McLean"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"(LP/"Lady Bump"/75)
27)Silvetti"Spring Rain"(12"/Long Version/Salsoul-RamsHorn)
28)Bazuka"(C´Est) Le Rock"(12"/Long V./1979/Venture)
29)Ronn Matlock"Let Me Dance"(12"/Vocal V./1979/Cotillion)
30)Frankie Valli"Passion For Paris"(12"/Spec.Long V./1979)
31)Billy Cobham"What Is Your Fantasy"(12"/Spec.Long V./1979)
32)Southroad Connection"Ain´t No Time To Sit Down"(LP/1979)
33)Laura Lee"Sat-Is-Fac-Tion"(12"/Spec.Disco Mix/79/Fantasy)
34)Madonna"Like A Prayer"(12"/Ultimix By Les Massengale)
35)Shades Of Love"Body To Body"(12"/Fluff Mix By Johnny
Vicious/1993/Vicious Muzik)


36)Hugo & Luigi Music Machine"Love Theme From The Godfather"
(12"/Disco Mix/1977/H&L)
37)Jimmy Brisco & The Beavers"Living For Today"(LP/T.K.)
38)Ritchie Family"Peanut Vendor/Frenesi"(LP/"Brazil"/1975/
20th Century)
39)Symba"Body Bait"(LP/1980/Venture)
40)Broadway"Roller Disco"(12"/Long V./1979)
41)Eddie Drennon"It Don´t Mean A Thin"(LP/1978/Casablanca)
42)Fire Island Ft.Loleatta Holloway"Shout To The Top"(3x12"/
Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix/JBO)
43)Dalida By Cerrone"Laissez Moi Danser"(12"/Extended/2001)
44)Paul Jabara"De La Noche(Ocho Rios)"(12"/That 12" Mix/86)
45)Macho"Not Tonight"(12"/Dub Edit/Ballroom Rec.)
46)Starpoint"I Just Wanna Dance With You"(12"/80/Casablanca)

Recommended Movies:
1)"Le Chainon Marquant"(Das fehlende Glied)(F/BG1979)
2)"Nude Per Satana"(Nude For Satan)(I1974/R:Luigi Batzella/
mit Rita Calderoni, Stelio Candelli)
3)"Frauen im Liebeslager"(Love Camp aka Sex Kazerne)
(CH1976/R:Jess Franco/mit Ada Tauler, Nanda van Bergen,
Monica Swinn)
4)"Le Notti Del Terrore"(Die Rückkehr der Zombies aka
Burial Ground aka Zombi III aka Nights Of Terror)
(I1980/R:Andrea Bianchi/mit Karin Will, Anotenella
Antinori, Peter Bark)
5)The Changeling-Das Grauen(USA1980/R:Peter Medak/mit
George C.Scott, Trish Van Devere)
6)"Slaughter High"(Die Todesparty aka April Fool's Day)
(USA1986/R:George Dugdale/mit Caroline Munro, Simon
Scuddamore, Gary Martin)

Für den letzten Schrei:
Marc & The Mambas"Torment & Toreros"(2xLP/1984)
Marc Alomd"In Visible Silence"(LP/1986)

"And I Feel Love Forever!!!"
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