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Hot Disco Nights

Another journey through 70ies-DiscoLand full of glam,
kitsch & drama...

2)AMS"Ripture 6MS"(12"/Remix/2006/WhiteLabel)
3)TC James & The Fist-O-Funk Orchestra"Dance All Over The
World"(12"/Mixed By Savarese/1978/Fistofunk)
4)Deniece Williams"I´ve Got The Next Dance"(12"-Version/
A Jim Burgess Mix/1979)
5)Eddie Tour"Come Into My Life"(12"/Re-Edit/06/Eastend)
6)Gotham"(I´m Your) AC/DC Man"(12"/Part 2/1979/Aurum)
8)Evelyn Champagne King"I Don´t Know If It´s Right"(12"/
Disco Mix By Al Garrison/1977)
9)Moxie"Undisputable"(12"/Moxie 005)
10)Rory Block"You´re The One"(LP/1979)
11)Taka Boom"Anything You Want"(LP/1979)
12)Eddy Grant"Walking On Sunshine"(12"/American V./1979)
13)JR"Got I Have Your Love"(12"/Disco Galaxy Rec./2006)
14)Madonna"Let It Will Be"(2xLP/"Confessions On A Dance

15)Cerrone Ft.Jocelyn Brown"Took Me So Long"(LP/"Cerrone
VII-You Are The One"/Malligator)
16)Lou & The Hollywood Bananas"Hollywood Hollywood"(12"/
Long French Version/1979)
17)Ben E.King"You´ve Only Got One Chance To Be Young"(12"/
Long Version/1980)
18)Man On Her 2"Jump"(12"/2006/White Label)
19)Gary Sharkey"What Can I Do"(12"/Long V./1979/SmashDisco)
20)Shalamar"Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo"(LP/"Uptown Festival"/
21)Gichy Dan"Cowboys And Gangsters"(12"/Edit By Shux/2006/
Editions Disco)
22)Prinz William 2(12"/AM & Mr.H Mix/2006/WhiteLabel)
23)Delilah"Dancing In The Fire"(12"/Disco-Remix/1978)
24)Brenton Wood"Let´s Get Crazy Together"(12"/Long V./1978/
Cream Rec.)
25)Roller Disco Series 1"Big Fun"(EP/2006/Gaproductionsz)
26)Ritchie Family"Put Your Feet To The Beat"(12"/Spec.Disco
27)Disco Rubin(EP/A1/2006/WhiteLabel)

28)Andre Brasseur"Experience"(LP/"Experience")
29)Maxim"Fire For Hire"(12"/Long V./1979)
30)Freda Payne"I´ll Do Anything For You"(12"/Long Remix/79)
31)In Search Of Orchestra"In Search Of..."(12"/Long V./1976/
AVI Rec.)
32)Magic Power"Livin´For The Moment"(12"/Long V./1979)
33)Leif Garrett"I Was Made For Dancin´"(12"/Long Vocal
34)Gary´s Gang"Party Tonight"(LP/"Keep On Dancin´"/78/SAM)
35)Wish"Nice And Soft"(12"/Uptown V. By John Morales/1981)
36)V.A."Solar Mix"(12"/By John Morales/Incl.Shalamar,
Dynasty, Whispers...)
37)El Coco"Cocomotion"(LP/1978/AVI)
38)Walter Murphy Band"Midnight Express"(LP/"A Fifth Of
Beethoven"/1976/Private Stock)
39)Gino Soccio"I Wanna Take You There(Now)"(LP/"S-Beat"/80)

40)Cory Daye"Keep The Ball Rollin´"(LP/"Cory And Me"/1979/
NY Int)
41)Alfie Davison"Who´s Gonna Love Me"(12"/A Tom Moulton
Mix/Hot Classics-A Brookside Re-Issue)
42)Simbora Orchestra"Simbora"(12"/Mix By Bob Clearmountain/
43)Jerry Butler"(I´m Just Thinking About)Cooling Out"(12"/
Spec.Disco Version/1978/Philadelphia Int.)
44)Roy Ayers"Chicago"(12"/Edit De Prince Language/Editions
45)Forrest"Feel The Need"(12"-Version By Ben Liebrand/1983/
Dance Rec.)
46)Addrisi Brothers"Ghost Dancer"(12"/Long V./1979/Scotti
47)La Bionda"I´ve Got Your Number"(12"/Long V./1980/Baby-
48)Eddie Tour"Feel Like Dancin´"(12"/Re-Edit/2006/Eastend)
49)Raffaella Carra"Sono Nera"(LP/"Raffaella"/1978)
50)V.A."And The Mix Goes On"(12"/Incl. Whispers, Midnight
Star, Shalamar.../Mixed By Les Adams/89/Solar-Unidisc)
51)Delegation"Where´s The Love"(12"/Waitin´For The Love

Recommended Movies:
1)KING KONG NOGYAKUSHU("King Kong Frankensteins Sohn")
(J1967/R:Honda Inoshiro/mit Rhodes Reason, Linda Miller,
Amamoto Eisei)
2)KONDOM DES GRAUENS("Killer Condom")(D1996/R:Martin Walz/
mit Udo Samuel, Iris Berben...GuestStars Hella von
Sinnen, Evelyn Küneke)
3)LA ORGIA DE LOS MUERTOS("Totenchor der Knochenmänner" aka
"Die Bestie aus dem Totenreich")(E1972/R:Jose Luis
Merino/mit Paul Naschy, Stan Cooper, Maria Pia Conte)
Leidenschaft")(I,F1974/R:Luchino Visconti/mit Burt
Lancaster, Helmut Berger, Silvana Mangano)
5)THE WIZ(USA1978/R:Sidney Lumet/mit Diana Ross, Michael
Jackson, Lena Horne, Richard Pryor)
6)THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT("Wie man sein Leben lebt")
(GB-TV1975/R:Jack Gold/mit John Hurt, Liz Gebhardt)
7)LA FIANCEE DE DRACULA("Draculas Braut")(F2000/R:Jean
Rollin/mit Cyrille Iste, Jacques Regis, Brigitte Lahaie)
8)I FRATTI ROSSI("Sexorgien der roten Mönche" aka "The
Red Monks")(I1987/R:Gianni Martucci/mit Chuck Valenti,
Lara Wendel)
9)SEBASTIANE(GB1976/R:Derek Jarman/mit Leonardo Treviglio,
Barney James, Neil Kennedy)
10)THE LAST OF ENGLAND("Verlorene Utopien")(GB1987/R:Derek
Jarman/mit Spring Rupert Audrey, Gay Gaynor, Spencer Lee)
11)MALADOLESCENZA("Spielen wir Liebe" aka "Puppy Love")
(I1977/R:Pierre Guiseppe Murgiat/mit Lara Wendel, Eva
Ianesco, Martin Web)
12)DRACULAS DAUGHTER(USA1936/R:Lambert Hillyer/mit Otto
Kruger, Gloria Holden)
13)EL RETORNO DEL WALPURGIS("Die Todeskralle des grausamen
Wolfes" aka "Die Nacht der teuflischen Orgien")(E1973/
R:Carlos Aured/mit Paul Naschy, Jacinto Molina, Fabiola
Cosmic Love & Kisses From SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...