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The hottest DanceSound from the golden 70ies plus lots of new edits and remixes ... compiled by SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...

1)Thelma Houston"I´m Here Again"(12"/Special Disco V./77)
2)Sample 001(EP/A1/2006/WhiteLabel)
3)Stone"Time"(12"/Spec.Long Vocal Version Mixed By Tee
4)Glenn Underground"I Feel Dub"(12"/A1/2006)
5)Paul Jabara & Donna Summer"Never Lose Your Sense Of
6)Mass Production"I Believe In Music"(LP/"Believe"/1977/
Cotillion Rec.)
7)Krystal"The Other Woman"(12"/Long Version/Dee Jay)
8)Orient Express"Desert Fantasy"(LP/"A Desert Fantasy"/78)
9)Frank Hooker & The Positive People"Devotion"(12"/Mixed
By Rick Gianatos/1980)
10)Seasons Of Love"I Love N.Y."(12"/Orig.Broadway Mix/2006/
Oxyd Rec.)
11)Chic"Hangin´"(LP/"Tongue In Chic"/1982)

12)Esther Phillips"Boy, I Really Tied One On"(LP/"Capricorn
14)Gonzalez"Peoples Party"(12"/Long Version/79/Sidewalk)
16)Melba Moore"Standing Right Here"(LP/"Dancin´With Melba"/
1978/Buddah Rec.)
17)Witch Queen"Get It On"(12"/Long Version/1979)
18)Ronnie Jones"Fox On The Run"(12"/Disco-Remix/1979/
Lollipop Rec.)
19)Platin Disco"Can´t Get Enough Of Your Love"(EP/2006)
20)John Davis & The Monster Orchestra"Up Jumped The Devil"
21)Frontpage"Love Insurance"(12"/Long Version)
22)Groove Hackers"Heartache No.9"(12"/Shahi Rec.)
23)Love Symphony Orchestra"Let Me Be Your Fantasy"(LP/1978/
24)Andy Williams"Love Story(Where Do I Begin)"(12"/Long
25)House Colours #1"Magic"(12"/A2/2006/JR-Table008)

26)Pandemonium"Draculas Dream"(LP/"Start The Fire"/1979)
27)Orient Express"Desert Disco"(LP/"A Desert Fantasy"/1978)
28)Bell & James"Livin´It Up"(12"/Digital Mix/Ballroom)
29)Silver Convention"Play Me Like A Yo Yo"(LP/"Get Up And
30)Supermax"Love Machine"(12"/A/Remix/2006/WhiteLabel)
31)Brick"Dazz"(12"/Re-Edit/2005/Replay Rec.)
32)Jimmy Bo Horne"Spank"(12"/Orig. TK Mix/1978)
33)First Choice"Smarty Pants"(12"/Rodsoul Disco Edit/Disco
Dust Rec.)
34)Sneaky Fox"Major Gruber"(7"/2006/Grande Buffo Disco)
35)Carl Bean"I Was Born This Way"(12"/Gomi´s Tribute Dub/
2005/West End Classics Re-Issue)
36)Kraftwerk"Europe Endless"(LP/"Trans-Europe Express"/1977)
37)Wing & A Prayer Fire & Drum Corps"Rhapsody In Blue"
(LP/"Babyface Strikes Back"/1977)

38)Taana Gardner"Work That Body"(12"/Mixed By Ian Levine/
1979/West End)
39)Tango Terje"Get It On"(12"/Edit/Supreme Rec.)
40)Van McCoy"The Hustle"(12"/New Disco-Remix/1979/H&L)
41)Van McCoy"Keep On Hustlin´"(LP/"The Disco Kid"/1975/AVCO)
42)"Undisputable Dub"(12"/A2/Moxie 005)
43)Claudja Barry"Dance Dance Dance"(12"/A Tom Moulton Mix/
1977/Salsoul Rec.)
44)Gotham"Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"(12"/Long V./
1980/Aurum Rec.)
45)Fatback Band"Master Booty"(LP/"Six Twelves-The Extended
Fatback Band"/Previousley Unissued Ext.Version/Spring)
46)LJ Johnson"24 Hours A Day/You´ve Got Me Temperature
Rising"(LP/"LJ´s Love Suite"/Mixed By Ian Levine & Rick
Gianatos/1979/AVI Rec.)
47)Secret Service"Conga"(12"/A1/2005/SS Ltd)
48)Duncan Sisters"Boys Will Be Boys"(12"/Long V./79/Unidisc)
49)Ronnie Jones"Soul Sister"(12"/Club Mix/1987/Hot Classic)
50)"Specimen 5"(12"/B1/Moxie 004)

Recommended Movies:
1)"THE SENTINEL"(Hexensabbat)(USA1977/R:Michael Winner/
mit Chris Sarandon, Christina Raines, John Carradine, Ava
Gardner, Jeff Goldblum, Sylvia Miles, Beverly D'Angelo)
2)"PHANTOM OF THE OPERA"(USA1925/Stummfilm/R:Rupert Julian,
Lon Chaney Sen., Edward Sedewick/mit Lon Chaney Senior,
Mary Philbin)
3)"MAROCCO"(USA1930/R:Josef von Sternberg/mit Marlene
Dietrich und Gary Cooper)
4)"DER ROSENKÖNIG"(D1986/R:Werner Schoeter/mit Magdalena
Montezuma, Mostefa Djadjam, Antonio Orlanda)
5)"BRUISER"(USA2000/R:George A.Romero/mit Jason Flemying,
Nina Garbiras/Feat.The Misfits)
6)"THE WOLF MAN"(Der Wolfsmensch)(USA1941/R:George Waggner/
mit Lon Chaney Jun., Claude Rains, Warren William, Bela
Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskaya)
7)"SWEET CHARITY"(USA1969/R:Bob Fosse/mit Shirley MacLaine,
John McMartin, Chita Rivera, Sammy Davis Jr.)
8)"JUBILEE"(GB1978/R:Derek Jarman/mit Adam Ant, Toyah
Willcox, Nell Cambell, Wayne County, Richard O'Brien,Jordan)
9)"BRAIN DEAD"(aka Paranoia)(USA1989/R:Adam Simon/mit Bill
Pullamn, Bill Paxton, George Kennedy)
10)"LA CHIESA"(The Church)(I1989/R:Michele Soavi/mit Asia
Argento, Barbara Cupisti, Antonella Vitale, Tomas Arana)

Message from PARADISE EXPRESS(1979):"To know you is to know
myself ist to love myself is to love you is to know you...
and so on...evermore. One day we´ll have learned what is
real; we will dwell in each other´s house and we will truly
love each other and know that we are one. And when we are
finally and totally united, then will it be DONE ON EARTH
AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Let it be so and so it is...

Cosmic Love & Kisses From SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...