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ELECTRIC TABOU(The Sound Of The 80ies)!


1)KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS"Annie, I´m Not Your Daddy"
(12"/Long Version/1982/ZE)
2)SIMPLE MINDS"Waterfront"(12"-Version/1983)
3)JOHN CARPENTER´S"Christine"(12"/Part 2/1984/ZYX)
4)SCOTCH"Disco Band"(12"/Instr.Remix By Mach 2/84/ZYX)
5)LAIBACH"Geburt einer Nation(One Vision)"(LP/"Opus Dei"/
6)ALIEN SEX FIEND"I Walk The Line"(EP/Different Version/
1986/Rebel Rec.)
7)LAMA"Love Is On The Rocks"
GILLIAM LANE"You Take My Heart Away"(12"/Ext.Edits/
8)NAIF ORCHESTRA"Check-Out Five"(EP/V.A./"Fuzz Dance"/84)
9)GARY LOW"Forever, Tonight And All My Life"(12"/Long
Version/1983/Savoir Faire)
10)DURAN DURAN"Friends Of Mine"(LP/1981)
11)ABC"Poison Arrow"(LP/"The Lexicon Of Love"/1981)
12)BARBARA JOYCE"Do It Till You´re Satisfied"(12"/Part 2/
13)GRACE JONES"Jones The Rhythm"(12"/Version 2/3:37/1985/

14)KATE BUSH"Experiment IV"(12"-Version/1986)
15)FREUR"Doot-Doot"(12"/Spec.Extended Remix/1983)
16)DEAD OR ALIVE"I´d Do Anything"(12"/Megamix/1983)
17)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"The Passenger"(12"/LLLLLokomotion
18)ULTRAVOX"Heart Of The Country"(12"/Spec.Re-Mix/1984)
19)CLAUS V."Mistery Man"(12"/Instr.Version/1985/ARS)
20)NINE INCH NAILS"The Hand That Feeds"(12"/Silinder Remix/
21)DEPECHE MODE"Fly On The Windscreen"(12"/Ext.Version/
22)YELLO"I Love You"(2xLP/"The New Mix In One Go/1980-85")
23)MARC & THE MAMBAS"Twilights + Lowlifes"(2xLP/"Untitled"/
1982/Some Bizzare)
24)STEFANO PULGA"Take Me High"(12"/Long Version/1985/Baby)

25)GREATER THAN ONE"Now Is The Time"(12"/Kunst=Kapital)
26)NINA HAGEN"New York, New York"(12"/Spec.English Version/
27)GRANDMASTER FLASH"White Lines(Don´t Do It)"(12"/Freestyle
Remix By Ben Liebrand/1990)
28)JOHN WEBB"The Experiment(Begins)"(12"/Long Version/1985/
Numa Records)
29)CABARET VOLTAIRE"Yashar"(12"/The All Seeing/2003/Mute)
30)BLONDIE"Warchild"(12"/Extended Version/1982)
31)EVELYN THOMAS"Second Best"(12"/Full Version/1985/
Record Shack)
32)CHESTER"Hold The Line"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Italo-
Disco Vol.10"/1988/ZYX)
33)LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS"Automotive"(LP/"Matter"/1991/Promo)
34)DAF"The Gun"(12"/$ex Mix/1987/Dean Rec.)
35)PAUL GARDINER"Venus In Furs"(12"/Long Version/84/Numa)

36)KRAFTWERK"Les Mannequins"(2xLP/"Ultrarare Traxx 2"/
Ext.French Mix/1977/2004)
37)WAS(NOT WAS)"Man Vs.The Empire Brain Building"(2xLP/
V.A./"Mutant Disco Vol.3:Garage Sale"/ZE Records)
38)ULTRAVOX"The Voice"(12"/Long Version/1981)
39)MICROCHIP LEAGUE"Atomik Part"(12"/"Communicate"/1986/
Future Dance)
40)EGYPTIAN LOVER"Keep It Hot"(2xLP/"Platinum Pyramids")
41)PETER GABRIL"Eindringling"(LP/"Ein deutsches Album"/80)
42)SCOTCH"Man To Man"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Italo-Disco
43)ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK"The Dark Side Of The Spoon"(12"/
Original/2006/Creme Organization)
44)RADIORAMA"Fire"(12"/Long Version/1987/Disco Magic)
45)SAUVAGE"Dessous Dessous"(12"/Long Version/1988)
46)ORBIT Ft.CAROL HALL"The Beat Goes On"(12"/Lunar Mix/
1982/Quality Rec.)
47)SUICIDE"Dream Baby Dream"(2xLP/V.A./"Mutant Disco Vol.3:
Garage Sale")
48)MARC & THE MAMBAS"Sleaze(Take It, Shake It)"(EP)
49)PUBLIC IMAGE"Fodderstompf"(LP/"First Issue"/1978)

Recommended Movies:
1)WHITY(D1971/R:Rainer Werner Fassbinder/mit Günter
Kaufmann, Hanna Schygulla, Ulli Lommel Harry Baer)
2)MARTHA(D1973/R:Rainer Werner Fassbinder/mit Margit
Carstensen, KarlHeinz Böhm, Barbara Valentin, Peter
3)FAUSTRECHT DER FREIHEIT("Fox And His Friends")(D1975/
R:Rainer Werner Fassbinder/mit R.W.Fassbinder, Peter
Chatel, KarlHeinz Böhm)
4)URGH!-A MUSIC WAR(GB1981/R:Derek Burbidge/mit Gary
Numan, Toyah Willcox, OMD, Chelsea, Klaus Nomit, Crammps,
Police, Steel Pulse...)
5)"TERROR"(Killing House)(GB1978/R:Norman J.Warren/mit
Carolyn Courage, John Nolan, James Aubrey, Sarah Keller)
6)"NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD"(USA1968/R:George A.Romero/
mit Duane Jones, Judith O´Dea, Marilyn Eastman)
7)"IL ROSSO SEGNO DELLA FOLIA"(A Hatchet For The Honeymoon)
(I1968/R:Mario Bava/mit Stephen Forsyth, Laura Betti,
Dagmar Lassander)
8)"JU-ON 2"(Ju-On/The Grudge 2)(J2003/mit Noriko Sakori,
Kei Horie, Yui Ichikawa)