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Sendung vom 02.09.2006 19:00:

Dancehall Edition

Dancehall Crew is reunited again!

As Fred returned from his holidays, the Dancehall Crew is complet again!

This time we present you the new Tschebberwooky EP "Happy Hurray". We have already presented you their album "Everything Cook & Curry" and it is a pleasure for the Dancehall Crew to present you the latest tunes of this Austrian Reggae Combo.

Once again you get a chance to listen to some of the new tunes of Cham's album "Ghetto Story".

Furthermore we feature several new riddims, which you have never heard before on Ackee & Saltfish, such as the Intercom Reloaded Riddim and the Tropical Storm Riddim!

So don't miss it!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Bounty Killer & Luckie D - Kill Another Sound (Riddim: Intercom Reloaded / Maximum Sound)
Tony Curtis,Future Troubles,Paper Soldier - Why You Bad Mind So (Riddim:Intercom Reloaded / Maximum Sound)
Vybz Kartel - Run Them Down (Riddim:Intercom Reloaded / Maximum Sound)
Jan Delay - Ahn Ich Gar Nich (Mercedes Dance / Universal)
Tschebberwooky - Happy Hurray (Happy Hurray / Wooky Music)
Cecile - Talk Talk (Riddim:Inevitable / Reggae Republic)
Tanya Stephens - Whos Sexing you (Riddim:Inevitable / Reggae Republic)
Tanto Metro & Devonte - Let Me Her You (Riddim:Mutton Snapper / Size8)
Beenie Man - Swing It Weh (Hands + Heart)
Beeni Man ft. Lady Saw - My World (Undusputed / Vrigin)
Cham - Talk To Me (Ghetto Story / Atlantic)
Cham - Tic toc (Ghetto Story / Atlantic)
Alain - Hurry (Riddim:Tropical Storm / Don Corleon)
Capleton - Wha Dis (Riddim:Tropical Storm / Don Corleon)
Capleton - Hit Maker (Riddim:Tropical Storm / Don Corleon)
Voicemail - Shake It (Riddim:Limbo)
Macka Diamond - March Out (Riddim:Limbo)
Elephant Man - Limbo (Riddim:Limbo)