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Roots Edition

... I-Grade Records Special - Fresh Roots from the Virgin Islands ...

If you're talking Roots, you cannot neglect I-Grade Records. This show is all about recent releases from this top-ranking Roots-label - with special emphasis on two brandnew albums, Abja's "Mahogany Road" and NiyoRah's "Purification Session".
Plus: More I-Grade-Roots from Army and Midnite.

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Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Abja - Mahogany Road (Mahogany Road / I-Grade Rec.)
Abja - Good Vibez (Mahogany Road / I-Grade Rec.)
Abja - One Shot (Mahogany Road / I-Grade Rec.)
NiyoRah - Nothing To Prove (Purification Session / I-Grade Rec.)
NiyoRah - Lion Have Mane (Purification Session / I-Grade Rec.)
NiyoRah - African Chant (Purification Session / I-Grade Rec.)
NiyoRah - There For You (Purification Session / I-Grade Rec.)
Army - Honorebel (Rasta Awake / I-Grade Rec.)
Army - Share Your Love (Rasta Awake / I-Grade Rec.)
Army - Mi Sista (Rasta Awake / I-Grade Rec.)
Midnite - Kin Dread (Jah Grid / I-Grade Rec.)
Midnite - Before I Lose My Strength (Jah Grid / I-Grade Rec.)
Midnite - On (Jah Grid / I-Grade Rec.)
Abja - Love Jah Dub (Inna Red I Hour / I-Grade Rec.)