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Sendung vom 23.09.2006 19:00:

Roots Edition

New Release Round-Up

Yes, indeed: A good season for Reggae-aficionados. Lot's of new releases pouring in, one better than the other... and even more to come in the near future!

Check out the crucial releases we have in store for you this time:

* Nasio Fontaine - Universal Cry (Greensleeves Records)
* Jah Mason - Wheat And Tears (Greensleeves Records)
* Tony Tuff - Say Something (Minor7Flat5 Records)
* Audrey Gordon - Mi Assignment (Audrey Gordon Productions)
* I Kong - The Way It Is (VP Records)

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Star Lion Family - Hold The Faith (Talkin' Roots II / Mt. Nebo)
Nasio - Crucial (Universal Cry / Greensleeves)
Nasio - Armed And Dangerous (Universal Cry / Greensleeves)
Nasio - Hypocrites (Universal Cry / Greensleeves)
Jah Mason - No Time (Wheat And Tears / Greensleeves)
Jah Mason - No One Cares (Wheat And Tears / Greensleeves)
Jah Mason - This Morning (Wheat And Tears / Greensleeves)
Tony Tuff - Stronger (Say Something / Minor7Flat5)
Tony Tuff - Say Something (Say Something / Minor7Flat5)
Tony Tuff - Nice And Lovely (Say Something / Minor7Flat5)
Audrey Gordon - None Like You (Mi Assignment / Audrey Gordon)
Audrey Gordon - None Like You Dub (Mi Assignment / Audrey Gordon)
I Kong - Life's Road (The Way It Is / VP)
I Kong - Life's Road Dub (The Way It Is / VP)
The Congos vs. Madonna - The Power Of Goodbye / Fisherman Riddim (White Label)