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Roots Edition

... New release: The Biggest Reggae One Drop-Anthems 2006 ...

This Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish is all about one release: "The Biggest Reggae One Drop-Anthems 2006", which we think might easily become the Reggae-compilation of the year. Greensleeves Records did put 40 wikked tunes on a 2-CD-set at a bargain price - highly recommended... check it out for yourself on this show!

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Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Pls. note: All music from this Roots Edition is taken from the 2-CD-release "The Biggest Reggae One Drop-Anthems 2006", now out on Greensleeves Records.

Bescenta & Warrior King - Holy Words
Ras Shiloh - Rastaman Up In The Hills
Fantan Mojah & Mr. Flash - No Mercy
Ras Shiloh - This Generation
Fantan Mojah & Jah Cure - Nuh Build No Great Man
Chezidek - Inna Di Road
Gyptian & Dwayne - Rude Boy Shufflin
Alaine - Jah Jah Cry
Sizzla - One Love
Alborosie - Herbalist
Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer
Gyptian - Sensi
Gyptian - Rise And Live
Bitty McClean - The Real Thing
Natural Black - Nice It Nice
Anthony Cruz - Halfway Tree
Luckie D & Gentleman - Safe & Secure