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Sendung vom 28.10.2006 19:00:

Dancehall Edition

!!! Iriepathie Interview !!!

Once again Ackee & Saltfish is proud to present you an exclusive interview.

This time we have the pleasure to present you the two Austrian brothers who are known as Iriepathie. We talked about their careers so far, their upcoming projects, favourite Jamaican artists and of course about their "Sum Fest 2004" performnace. We can already guarantee you that you will get some really interesting news about the production of an album for a Jamaican artist.
Additionally you will get the chance to listen to tunes of their brand new EP "Niemals Aufgeben" which was released last Friday!

As usually we have also some new riddims prepared for you and you will get the latest updates concerning Reggae concerts in Vienna!

Don't miss this special Ackee & Saltfish edition!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Cham - Rudeboy Pledge (Riddim: Stage Show / Madhouse)
Spice ft. Pinchers - Rudeboy Love (Riddim: Stage Show / Madhouse)
Lady G - Hard Ears (Riddim: Bug Out / Steelie & Cleevie;Studio 2000)
Shocking Murray - Rise To The Top Medley (Rise To The Top / MK Musik)
Shocking Murray - Stand Strong (Rise To The Top / MK Musik)
Shocking Murray - Seal It Up (Rise To The Top / MK Musik)

Iriepathie - Ich Weiss Noch (Niemals Aufgeben / Universal)
Iriepathie - Die Ganze Nacht (Niemals Aufgeben / Universal)
Iriepathie feat. Morgan Heritage - Never Give Up (Niemals Aufgeben / Universal)
Iriepathie feat. Anthony B - One Love We Need (Niemals Aufgeben / Universal)
Various Artists - Lovebird Megamix (Lovebird Riddim / Irievibrations Records)
Iriepathie - Lang Her (Niemals Aufgeben / Universal)
Iriepathie - Wieso (Niemals Aufgeben / Universal)
Elijah Prophet - Piece Of Ganja (King Of Kings / Irievibrations Records)

Sebastian Sturm - Without A Trace (This Change Is Nice / Rootdown)