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Roots Edition

Fresh Roots-Reggae from Michael Rose, Paul St. Hilaire & Clinton Fearon

What better way to start 2007 then to present you some crucial new Roots-releases... Michael Rose's album "Warrior" finds him back in form as if Black Uhuru never split up back then - thanks to producer Ryan Moore. Clinton Fearon on the other hand has build up his solo-career over the years; his new release "Vision" is simply one of the best Roots-albums of 2006. Paul St. Hilaire has a different approach to Roots-Reggae... his album "A Different State Of Mind" (ADSOM) incorporates all kinds of electronica - yet the vibe is there, most definetly.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Michael Rose - A Little Bit More (Warrior / M Rec.)
Michael Rose - Binghi Dub (African Dub / M Rec.)
Michael Rose - Longtime (Warrior / M Rec.)
Michael Rose - Zion (Warrior / M Rec.)
Michael Rose - Nature (Warrior / M Rec.)
Paul St. Hilaire - Black Moses (Adsom / False Tuned)
Paul St. Hilaire - Fortunate (Adsom / False Tuned)
Paul St. Hilaire - Jah Live Over The Hills (Adsom / False Tuned)
Dub Syndicate - Time Version (Acres Of Space / Lion & Roots)
Clinton Fearon - Sleepin' Lion (Vision / Kool Yu Foot)
Clinton Fearon - Livin' Is An Art (Vision / Kool Yu Foot)
Clinton Fearon - Vision (Vision / Kool Yu Foot)
Clinton Fearon - Dutty Gun (Vision / Kool Yu Foot)