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Special Edition hosted by DJ Anbaesa

The Twinkle Brother's "Higher Heights"-Album

This is the first in a series of a theme-based special editions of Ackee & Saltfish that will air on a few Roots-Edition-dates in 2007. This time DJ Anbäsa features a very special album by UK-roots-act "Twinkle Brothers" from the 80's: "Higher Heights" - recorded in Poland with the Trebunia Tutka Family, originally released on the band's own Twinkle Music-label. A different kind of recording, but still a roots-classic... enhanced by the inclusion of some tracks from the Twinkle Brothers' follow-up-album "Don't Forget Africa". Enjoy these hard-to-find gems!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Album: "HIGHER HEIGHTS - Twinkle Inna Polish Stylee" / Twinkle Music
Twinkle Brothers and The Trebunia Tutka Family
Music and Words by Norman Grant and Wladyslaw Trebunia
1. Going To The Village ( Krzesany Po Dwa)
2. Skanking On the Grass (Wiecno)
3. The Source (Spod Jawora)
4. Down By The Stream (Drobiony Orawski)
5. Across The Spring Rye s Field (Bez Zelene Jare Zytko)
6. Husband The Outlaw (Maz Zbojca)
7. Outlaw Skanking (Zbojnicki)
8. You re So Cold (Krzesany Rogozniczanski)
9. Don t Betray My Love (Pierso Godzina)
10. Who Killed (Zabili Janickaw Segedynie)
11. The Bells Ring For Janosik (Bija Dzwony)
12. Play It All From The Top (Spiewajmy Wszystko Od Poczatku)
plus selected tracks from the
Album: "DON T FORGET AFRICA" /Twinkle Music
Twinkle Brothers and The Trebunia Tutka Family
1. Don t Forget Africa
2. Human Independent
3. What Do you Want