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Dancehall Edition

Exclusive Tschebberwooky & Jahcoustix Interviews

This time Achee & Saltfish is proud to present you two exclusive interviews!

For the fist time you have the chance to listen to some really interesting messages by the Austrian Reggae group Tschebberwooky. They will tell you about their latest success at the Austrian Music Awards in Linz, about their own "Tschebberwooky Style" and several other topics.

After this first highlight we have an other exclusive interview in store for you: Jahcoustix, one of the most talented german Reggae artists, tells you about his favourite concert, his first steps as a musician, his plans in the future and a lot more.

As usually we will also play some of the most requested riddims from Jamaica and we will provide you with the latest updates of the upcoming summer festivals.

Be prepared for an exciting show!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Morgan Heritage - Plant Up Di Herb (Riddim: Jam Down / Danger Zone)
Mr. Vegas - Burn It (Riddim: Jam Down / Danger Zone)
Jah cure - Sticky (Riddim: Jam Down / Danger Zone)
Nanko - Loco Amor (Riddim: / Down Sound)
Da'ville - Can't Get Over You (Reggae Gold 2006 / VP)
Mr. Vegas - Lean With It (Riddim: Darker Shade / Taxi)
Shaggy - Church Heathen (Riddim:Church Heathen / Big Yard)
Ninja Man - The Pastor (Riddim: Church Heathen / Big Yard)
Chuck Fender -
Ninja Man - Sweet Reggae Music (Riddim:Stage Time /Birchhall)
T.O.K - More Gal (Riddim:Stage Time / Birchhall)
Erupt - Gal A Run Dem Head (RaggaRaggaRagga 2007 / Greensleeve)
Beenie Man - Reverse Di Thing (RaggaRaggaRagga 2007 / Greensleeve)
Elephant Man, Wyclef - Five O (Riddim: Bad Boy / VP)
Tschebberwooky - My Record On Top (Happy Hurray EP / Wooky Music)
Tschebberwooky - I Land (Happy Hurray EP / Wooky Music)
Tschebberwooky - Wooky Steady (Happy Hurray EP / Wooky Music)
Tschebberwooky - Happy Hurray (Happy Hurray EP / Wooky Music)
Tschebberwooky - Good Morning Dub (Happy Hurray EP / Wooky Music)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Musical Soldier (Grounded / Modernsoul)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Afreeca (Grounded / Modernsoul)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - On The Way (Grounded / Modernsoul)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Steppin Forward (Grounded / Modernsoul)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Wishful Thinking (Grounded / Modernsoul)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Hot Stone (Grounded / Modernsoul)