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This time lots of new tracks combined with some classix
and certainly compiled by SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...

1)MIKAEL STAVÖSTRAND"My Day"(EP/"Soulful"/2006/Kontra)
3)DENNIS FERRER"Destination"(12"/2006/King Street)
4)WOOKIE Ft.LAIN"Live On"(2xLP/V.A./"Connected-15 Years
Of Garage City"/2005/Defected)
5)DAVE CLARKE"Wisdom To The Wise ´Red2´"(12"/Orig.Mix/
7)DUMB DAN EDITS VOL.2"Weekend On Poland Street"(EP/2006)
8)DEJAN GALIC"Dry Clothes"(12"/2006/R&S)
9)JENNIFER CARDINI & SHONKY"Lies"(12"/2006/Mobilee)
10)DEE MAGIC + PHUNK-E"What Is Love?"(12"/Phunk-E´s
Triptronic Remix/2006/DMA)
11)THOMAS SCHUMACHER"Is Not"(12"/2006/Spielzeug)

12)ADEVA"I´m The One For You"(12"/Got It Goin´On Dub/
Remixed By Roger Sanchez/1992/Cooltempo)
13)CLUB 69"Fantasy"(12"/Mama´s Deep Throat Mix/1994)
14)MARTINEZ"Wooden Box"(12"/"Echochamber"/2006/
15)JENNIFER CARDINI & SHONKY"August In Paris"(12"/2006/
Mobilee Rec.)
16)DUMB DAN EDITS VOL.2"Reach For Darko"(EP/2006)
17)FRANCK ROGER"Bone Of My Bone"(2xLP/V.A./"Connected-
15 Years Of Garage City"/Defected)
18)CATCH"Free(C´Mon)"(12"/Rap 4 Freedom/1990/Remixed By
Arthur Baker/FFRR)
19)DEE MAGIC + PHUNK-E"I Believe"(12"/Dee´s Filtered
Classic Remix/2006/DMA)
20)LEANDRO GAMEZ"This Is For You"(EP/1998/Ongaku Musik)
21)APHEX TWIN"Digeridoo"(EP/1991/R&S)
22)QUEEN"Another One Bites The Dust"(12"/Oliver Koletski

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