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Special Edition hosted by DJ Anbaesa

The Africa Unite-festival

“Africa Unite” is a well known song by Robert Nesta Marley. His widow Rita Marley and the Marley family founded a movement with the same name and organized a big festival in February 2005 for Bob Marley's 60th birthday-aniversary in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia and one year later another one in Accra/Ghana.
On this special edition of Ackee & Saltfish DJ Anbaesa plays music from Bob Marley, the former members of the I-Threes: Rita Marley, Juddy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths and music by his sons: Ziggy, Ky-Mani and Damian.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Bob Marley&The Wailers-Africa Unite (Survival/Island Records)
Teddy Afro- Promise (Yastesaryal/Nahom Records)
Bob Marley&The Wailers- Get Up, Stand Up (Burnin´/Island Records)
Rita Marley- Who Feels It Knows It (Who Feels It Knows It/Shanachie)
Rita Marley- Harambe (Haramabe/Shanachie)
Rita Marley- Feeling Mellow (Sunshine After Rain/Edel)
Juddy Mowatt-Big Woman (Only A Woman/Shanachie)
Juddy Mowatt- Ethiopia Salaam (Working Wonders/Shanachie)
Marcia Griffiths- I Shall Sing (Indomitable/Penthouse)
Marcia Griffiths- Back In The Days (Shining Time/VP Records)
Bob Marley&The Wailers- War (Rastaman Vibration/Island Records)
Ziggy Marley&The Melody Makers- Postman (Fallin Is Babylon/Elektra)
Ziggy Marley&The Melody Makers- Gone Away (Spirit Of Music/Elektra)
Ziggy Marley- Shalom-Salaam (Dragon Fly/Private Music)
Ziggy Marley-Be Free (Love Is My Religion/Cooking Vinyl/Indigo)
Bob Marley&The Wailers -Jump Nyabinghi (Confrontation/Island Records)
Ky-mani Marley- Many More Roads (Many More Roads/AO!Records)
Ky-mani Marley- Emperor (Journey/V2)
Bob Marley&The Wailers- Natural Mystic (Exodus De Luxe/Island Records)
Damian Marley- More Justice (Half Way Tree/Motown)
Damian Marley- Welcome To Jamrock (Welcome To Jamrock/Universal)
Bob Marley&The Wailers- One Love/People Get Ready (Exodus De Luxe/Island Records)