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Dancehall Edition

Exclusive Elephant Man Interview!!!

This Dancehall Edition has to offer a real highliht: an exclusive ELEPHANT MAN INTERVIEW!
One of the biggest Dancehall artists of our times was in St.Pölten a few weeks ago and we took the opportunity and asked him some questions about his career, his new album, his favourite riddims and many other things.
Be prepared for some of his greatest hits and some if his new tunes which will be featured on his upcoming album!

If you miss this show, I can guarantee you that you will regret it!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Beenie Man - Product Of The Ghetto (Riddim:Airwave / Fire Links)
Wayne Wonder - Tom Sawyer (Riddim:Airwave / Fire Links)
Bounty killer - Still Deh Yah (Riddim:Airwave / Fire Links)
Sean Paul - Life (Riddim:Artillery / RAW)
Munga - No Fraid (Riddim:Artillery / RAW)
Assassin - Dont Mek Me Hold You (Riddim:Artillery / RAW)

Elephant Man - Signal The Plane (Good To Go /VP)
Elephant Man ft. Wyclef Jean - Five 0 (Five O Single / Badboys Rec.)
Elephant Man - Willie Bounce (Strickty The Best /VP)
Elephant Man - Dutty Wine (Dutty Wine Single / Stone Love)
Elephant Man - Blasè (Good To Go / VP)
Elephant Man - Too Bad Mind (Riddim:Armor Of God)
Elephant Man - Jamaica (Log On / Greensleeves)
Elephant Man - Bad Man A Bad Man (Monsters of Dancehall-The Energy God / Greensleeves)
Elephant Man - As Far (Riddim:Cry Baby / Birchall)
Elephant Man - Bring It (Riddim:Driver / Taxi)