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Special Edition hosted by DJ Anbaesa

Singers Of Today

Up to now, for more than 15 years DJ-music ruled the Dancehall. However, there are still plenty of great singers to be found in Reggae-music. DJ Anbaesa presents a selection featuring the cream of the crop of today's vocalists.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Luciano- Call On Yahwe (Great Controversy/Jet Star)
Alpha Rowen- New Teacher (The Teacher/Jet Star)
Ras Shiloh- Who Can´t Hear (From Rasta To You/VP)
Chrisinti- On A Mission (None A Jah Jah Children/Roots Reggae)
Taffari- Take I Away (Eastern Side) (Serious Reggae/Emi Plus)
Admiral Tibet- Babylon (Fire Fire Burning/ Heartbeat)
Glen Washington- One Bright Morning (Free Up The Vibes/VP)
Bushman- Give Jah The Praise (Total Committment/Greensleeves)
Everton Blender- Golden Pen (Visionary/Heartbeat)
Luciano- No Where To Hide (Serve Jah/VP)
Ras Shiloh- Rebel With A Cause(Coming Home/VP)
Chrisinti- I Nah Loose (Kings Of Kings IV/Jet Star)
Taffari- Rasta Is The Highest (Addicted To Music/Minor 7 Flat 5)
Admiral Tibet- Be Thankful (Determination/Humal Records)
Chezidek- Fi Wah(Mash Dem Down/Al.Ta.Fa.An.)
Glen Washington- If You Know(Your Love/VP)
Bushman- Set Them Free (Kings Of Kings IV/Jet Star)
Chrisinti- Set Me Free (Comfort My People/VP)
Everton Blender- Power And Glory (Morgan Heritage Family And FriendsVol 3/Jet Star)
Chezidek- Leggo Dutty Babylon Ways (Mash Dem Down/Al.Ta.Fa.An)
Luciano- I Grow Up (Tell It From The Heart/Minor 7 Flat 5)
Bushman- Robbery Aggravation (Higher Ground/Greensleeves)
Ras Shiloh- Come Down Jah Jah (Coming Home/VP)