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Roots & Dancehall Edition

Introducing... Soulfire Records

Yes folks - another edition of Ackee & Saltfish, another gem to be discovered: This time it's SOULFIRE RECORDS, a fresh label based in Munich (check them at

This label not only did put out the House of Riddims' excellent debut, it also released outstanding albums by the Dubious Neighbourhood, Headcornerstone and Jamaram. Don't miss this show when we dig deep into Soulfire's catalogue!

Also on this edition of Ackee & Saltfish:

The Nazarenes - "Songs of Life"
Imagine the sweet harmonies of the Neville Brothers on some fine Roots-riddims... there you have it, simply wonderful.

Wayne Jarrett - "Showcase Vol. 1"
A Wackie's classic. A must-have. Nuff said.

The House of Riddims' "Don't Cry" feat. Uwe Banton has easily become one of our current favorites here, and this time we are proud to present you the original riddim plus a version entitled "Angelito" by El Condorsito - both are exclusives from the mighty House of Riddim.

So far from our Roots-corner, but as usual: Fred & Andi will heat up the place with some wicked Dancehall-tunes from 01:00-02:00am!

Can't say you've never been warned, can you?

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

ACKEE & SALTFISH - To The Foundation (Midnite-01:00am)

01. Dubios Neighbourhood [Souljahstice] Dubios Dub Dance
02. Headcornerstone [Stand Strong ] Rub A Dub Soldier (feat. Earl Sixteen)
03. Dubios Neighbourhood [Souljahstice] Uprise And Shine
04. House of Riddim [House Of Riddim Exclusive] Don't Cry Version
05. House Of Riddim [Sam Gilly's House Of Riddim Presents] Don't Cry (feat. Uwe Banton)
06. El Condorsito [House Of Riddim Exclusive] Angelito
07. Headcornerstone [Stand Strong] They Say
08. Headcornerstone [Stand Strong] Weep Not
09. Wayne Jarrett [Showcase Volume 1] Every Tongue Shall Tell (Extended)
10. Wayne Jarrett [Showcase Volume 1] Bubble Up (Extended)
11. Nazarenes [Songs Of Life] Song Of Love
12. Nazarenes [Songs Of Life] Song Of Rightous Life
13. Nazarenes [Songs Of Life] Song Of Memories

ACKEE & SALTFISH - Ina De Dance (01:00-02:00am)

Playlist soon come!