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Dancehall Edition

New Gentleman-Album & Exclusive MIKEYLOUS Interview

This time we are proud to present you another exclusive Ackee & Saltfish Interview!!!

As Mikeylous was in Vienna last week to perform in the club Zoo, we did make an interview with him. Some might know him under his former stage name "Niggah Mike" which he changed to Mikelous in 2002. Mikeylous will tell you why he changed his name and what we can expect from his upcoming album. You will also have the chance to listen to his new tunes from his upcoming album in the show!

Furthermore we have two new releases in store for you:
Gentleman - Another Intensity (Four Music)
Cashma Hoody - Soundpool (Hoody Music)

Last but not least we will provide you with the latest information about upcoming concerts! So be prepared for some Jamaram tunes who will perform on the 21st September in the Szene!

Don't miss the show!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Damian Marley – The Dreadful (Wicked Witch Riddim / White Label)
Izes – Hail The I (Hail The I Riddim / Cousins)
Sizzla – African People (Hail The I Riddim / Cousins)
Gentleman – Soullfood (Another Intensity / Four Music)
Gentleman ft. Sizzla – Lack Of Love (Another Intensity / Four Music)
Gentleman – Round The World (Another Intensity / Four Music)
Jamaram – I And I (Ookuchaka / Soulfire)
Jamaram – No Place To Run (Ookuchaka / Soulfire)
Cashma Hoody – Own Reality (Soundpool / Hoodymusic)
Cashma Hoody ft. Tolga – Road Is Rocky (Soundpool / Hoodymusic)
Mr Vegas – Tamborine (Hot It Up / Delicious)
Ninjaman - Border Clash (Monsters Of Dancehll / Greensleeve)
Ninjaman - Write your Will (Monsters Of Dancehall / Greensleeve)
Ninjaman ft. Capleton - Clean Hands (Monsters Of Dancehall / Greensleeve)
Mikeylous - Sticky (Instant Hit / Champagne Rec.)
Mikeylous - Law Maker (Instant Hit / Champagne Rec.)
Mikeylous - Cyan Work (Instant Hit / Champagne Rec.)
Mikeylous ft. Michael Rose - Prey (Instant Hit / Champagne Rec.)
Mikeylous - Instant Hit (Instant Hit / Champagne Rec.)
Mikeylous - Far From Dem (Instant Hit / Champagne Rec.)
Mikeylous - Heathen (Instant Hit / Champagne Rec.)