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Roots Edition

feat. new releases from Midnite, Israel Vibration, Cocoa Tea & Ras Shiloh ...

Plenty of fresh Roots Music for you this time on Ackee & Saltfish - featuring these albums:

Midnite - Better World Rasta
Midnite - Bless Go Roun
Israel Vibration - Stamina
Cocoa Tea - Biological Warfare
Ras Shiloh - Coming Home

Plus more music from Luciano, Black Uhuru and Andru Branch

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Midnite - Rastar Collaboration - His Speeches (Better World Rasta / Rastar)
Black Uhuru - Dub In The Mountain (Brutal Dub / RAS)
Black Uhuru - Dread In The Mountain (Brutal / RAS)
Midnite - Rastar Collaboration - Better World Rasta (Better World Rasta / Rastar)
Midnite - Rastar Collaboration - Gi Dem (Better World Rasta / Rastar)
Midnite - Rastar Collaboration - Speak Up (Better World Rasta / Rastar)
Luciano - Judgement All Over (Revelation Time / Jet Star)
Luciano - Freedom Fighters (Revelation Time / Jet Star)
Andru Branch - Keep Trodding Along (What If I Told You / Tabou1)
Andru Branch - Keep Dubbing Along (What If I Told You / Tabou1)
Israel Vibration - Back Staba (Stamina / Mediacom)
Israel Vibration - Flood Water (Stamina / Mediacom)
Israel Vibration - Stamina (Stamina / Mediacom)
Israel Vibration - Cleaniness (Stamina / Mediacom)
Midnite - Higher Bound Productions - Ye Lands (Bless Go Roun / Higher Bound)
Midnite - Higher Bound Productions - Ancient (Bless Go Roun / Higher Bound)
Cocoa Tea - Blood And Fyah (Biological Warfare / Minor7Flat5)
Cocoa Tea - New World Order (Biological Warfare / Minor7Flat5)
Cocoa Tea - Sons Of Jah (Biological Warfare / Minor7Flat5)
Cocoa Tea - Africa (Biological Warfare / Minor7Flat5)
Ras Shiloh - Volume Of The Book (Coming Home / VP)
Ras Shiloh - Give A Little Love (Coming Home / VP)
Ras Shiloh - What You Have Done (Coming Home / VP)