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HOT DISCO NIGHTS at (25th/26h Sept.2007)

Thank God Its DISCO again...

1)CAMEO"Funk Funk"(2xLP/V.A./"Classic P-Funk Vol.1"/Orig.Full Length Album V./
1977/Chocolate City-Casablanca)
2)GAIL EASON"Have A Good Day"(12"/Long V./1979/T.K.)
3)PHILADELPHIA BOYS"D.I.S.C.O."(12"/Long Version/1979/Rampage)
4)SMOKEY ROBINSON"Ever Had A Dream"(LP/"Where Theres Smoke..."/79/Motown)
5)SIDE EFFECT"Disco Junction"(12"/Spec.Disco Mix By Michael Evans/79/Fantasy)
6)URBALIZED BEATS"Hollaback Drug"(EP/2007/HardrockSoul)
7)D-TRAIN"D-Train Dub"(2xLP/V.A./"Preludes Greatest Hits Vol.III"/Mixed By
Francois Kevorkian/1982)
8)EASY GOING"Fear"(12"/1980 Lost Edit/Re-Edit By Serge Santiago/2007)
9)SOUTH SHORE COMMISSION"Free Man"(12"-Version/1975)
10)ODYSSEY"Baby Thats All I Want"(LP/"I Got The Melody"/1981)
12)PETER BATAH"Nobody Stopping You"(12"/Long V./1980/Matra)
13)LA BIONDA"Baby Make Love"(12"/1979)
14)SCANDAL"Just Let Me Dance"(12"/A Jim Burgess Mix/1980/SAM)
15)FAT LARRYS BAND"Traffic Stopper"(12"/Long Version/1982)

17)LOUISE MANDRELL"Everlasting Love"(12"/Long Version/1978)
18)QUEEN SAMANTHA Ft.GLORIA BROOKS"Give Me Action"(12"/Long V./1982)
19)BIONIC ELEGANCE"Youre The One That I Want"(12"/Long Version/Undisc)
20)GRAIG SNYDER AND LIX"Bust It"(12"/Long V./1977/Midsong)
21)PETER BROWN"Its Alright"(LP/"Stargazer"/1979/T.K.)
22)AMBER & THE DEEP SOUTH DANCE BAND"Love Attack"(12"/Long V./1979/London)
23)CHI-LITES"Higher"(12"/A Randy Sills Concept Mix/1979/T.K.)
24)BLACK SHADOW"Enough Is Enough"(EP/"Its Not Over"/2007/SecretService)
25)LYN COLLINS"Rock Me Again(6 Times)"(EP/Re-Issue/1975/1988/Urban)
26)THE PERSUADERS"Count The Ways"(12"/A Spec.Disco Mix/1976)
27)A JACKIN PHREAK(EP/"Acid Vs.Disco"/B1/2007)
28)V.A."DJs Mastermix Vol.1"(12"/Prelude Bump Up Mix)
29)ISAAC HAYES"The End Theme"(2xLP/OST/"Shaft"/1971/Stax)
30)CAKE"Theme From Mork And Mindy"(12"/Disco Version/A Randy Sills Concept

31)MUSIQUE"Summer Love"(LP/"In The Bush"/Instr./1978/Prelude)
32)5000 VOLTS"Dr.Kiss Kiss"(7"/1976)
33)BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB"Constantly No Respect"(LP/"28 After"/Re-Issue)
34)SOUL TRAIN GANG"My Cherie Amour"(12"/Long V./1977/SoulTrain)
35)SWEET PEA ATKINSON"Dance Or Die"(LP/"Dont Walk Away"/1982/ZE)
36)MASCAR"Im Comin Home Baby"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Lollipop Records")
37)STACEY LATTISAW"Jump To The Beat"(LP/"Let Me Be Your Angel"/Long V./
38)RON LOUIS SMITH"Party Freaks, Come On"(LP/1978/SunshineSound)
39)BRIMSTONE"Release Me"(12"/Long Version/Karnak)
40)MADLEEN KANE"Music Makes My Night"(LP/"Sounds Of Love"/1980/Chalet)
41)M.F.O.N."Ron Hardy Ressurection"(EP/1998/Soma Rec.)
42)MOULIN ROUGE"My World"(LP/1979/ABC)
43)M.MACHINE"Sing Sing"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Lollipop Records")
44)SOLANGE"I Met A Girl"(LP/"In Disco"/1978/Symbol)
45)LYNSEY DE PAUL"Sugar Me"(7"/1972)

Cosmic Love&Kisses From SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...