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Electric Tabou Presents GLAM ROCK!!!

Electric Tabou Presents GLAM ROCK (30th/31st Oct.2007) Now Its Dark

The history continues...from early GlamRock 2 the TopHits and even very dark themes...
Sometimes surprisingly very hard and punky!

2)MARC BOLAN & T.REX"Visions Of Domino"(LP/"Dandy In The Underworld"/1977)
3)THE SWEET"Solid Gold Brass"(LP/"Desolation Boulevard"/1974)
4)SUZI QUATRO"Too Big"(LP/"Quatro"/1974)
5)ALICE COOPER"No More Mr.Nice Guy"(LP/"Greatest Hits"/1974)
6)GARY GLITTER"Hold On To What You Got"(LP/"Touch Me"/1973)
7)T.REX"Get It On"(7"/1973)
8)JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS"Crimson And Clover"(7"/1982)
9)ROXY MUSIC"Virginia Plain"(7"/1972)
10)ALVIN STARDUST"Jealous Mind"(LP/"Untouchable"/1973)
11)RUNAWAYS"Dont Go Away"(LP/"Waitin For The Night"/1977)
12)DAVID BOWIE"The Jean Genie"(LP/"Aladdin Sane"/1973)
13)GEORDIE"Ten Feet Tall"(LP/"Dont Be Fooled By The Name"/1974)
14)KISS"God Of Thunder"(LP/"Destroyer"/1976)
15)SUZI QUATRO"Skin Tight Skin"(LP/1973)
16)GLITTER BAND"Shout It Out"(LP/"Hey!"/1974)
17)OSCAR"Lord Of The Night"(LP/1974)
18)SWEET"Sweet F.A."(LP/"Fanny Adams"/1974)
19)MARC BOLAN & T.REX"Mad Donna"(LP/"Tanx"/1973)
20)DAVID BOWIE"Life On Mars"(7"/1971)

21)SUZI QUATRO"Wake Up Little Susie"(LP/"Aggro-Phobia"/1976)
22)SLADE"How Does It Feel"(LP/"Slade In Flame"/1974)
23)T.REX"Jeepster"(LP/"Cosmic Dancer")
24)DANIEL BOONE"Love Spell"(7"/1974)
26)DAVID BOWIE"Future Legend/Diamond Dogs"(LP/1974)
27)SWEET"Man From Mecca"(7"/1972)
28)MUD"Rocket"(LP/"Lets Have A Party-The Best Of Mud"/1973)
29)GARY GLITTER"Do You Wanna Touch Me?(Oh Yeah)"(LP/"Touch Me"/1973)
30)HELLO"Star Studded Sham"(7")
31)SWEET"No You Dont"(LP/"Fanny Adams"/1974)
32)ROXY MUSIC"A Hard Rains-A Gonna Fall"(7"/1973)
33)MARC BOLAN & T.REX"Teenage Dream"(LP/"Zinc Alloy & The Hidden Riders Of
35)NEW YORK DOLLS"Lonely Planet Boy"(LP/1973)
36)SUZI QUATRO"New Day Woman"(LP/"Your Mamma Wont Like Me"/1975)
37)SWEET"The Six Teens"(LP/"Desolation Boulevard"/1974)
38)DAVID BOWIE"Everythings Alright"(LP/"Pinups"/1973)
39)COCKNEY REBEL"Ritz"(LP/"The Psychomodo"/1974)

40)ANGEL"Good Time Fanny"(7"/1974)
41)SUZI QUATRO"Heartbreak Hotel"(LP/"Aggro-Phobia"/1976)
42)AC/DC"You Shook Me All Night Long"(LP/"Back In Black"/1979)
43)HELLO"New York Groove"(7"/1976)
44)GARY GLITTER"You Belong To Me"(7"/1976)
45)RINGO STARR"Down And Out"(7"/1973)
46)GIORGIO"Son Of My Father"(7"/1972)
47)TIM CURRY"Sweet Transvestite"(LP/OST/V.A./"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"/75)
48)SLADE"One Way Hotel"(LP/"The Best Of..."/1973)
49)NAZARETH"This Flight Tonight"(7"/1974)
50)THE GLITTER BAND"Just For You"(LP/"Hey!"/1974)
51)SUZI QUATRO"Primitive Love"(LP/1973)
52)DAVID BOWIE"Ziggy Stardust"(LP/"The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The
Spiders From Mars"/1972)
55)GARY GLITTER"I Love You Love Me Love"(7"/1973)
56)SLADE"Do We Still Do It"(LP/"All New Borrowed And Blue"/1974)
57)SWEET"The Lies In Your Eyes"(7"/1976)
58)MARILYN MANSON"Disposable Teens"(2xLP/"Hollywood(In The Shadow Of The
Valley Of Death)"/2000)
59)T.REX"Cosmic Dancer"(7"/1971)
60)JOHN MILES"Music"(7"/1975)

Some tracks will show the development 2 HardRock, Punk or even New Romance &