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HOT DISCO NIGHTS-The Autumn Sessions...

So many beautiful (sometimes cheesy) DiscoTracks 2 fall in Love even in Autumn...
Studio 54, Paradise Garage, Easy Going, Metropol, Trinity, The Loft, Xenon, Electric Circus, Studio 1, The Zoo, Odyssey, The Anvil ... Remember!

1)DISCOCROSS"Farinas Suite"(LP/1978)
2)JIMMY BO HORNE"Get Happy"(12"/1977/T.K.)
3)BRENDA HARRIS"Freakin Freak"(12"/Long Version/1979/DreamRecords)
4)GRACE JONES"Do Or Die"(12"-Version/A Tom Moulton Mix/1978)
5)TEDDY PENDERGRASS"Only You"(12"/Spec.Disco V./1978/Philadelphia Int.)
6)"Last Train To Oslo"(EP/"Giving It All That"/2007/LobsterDisques)
7)CAKE"Theme From Mork And Mindy"(12"/A Randy Sills Concept Mix/1979)
8)JO-CAROL With MODERN ROCKETRY"Born To Be Wild(Into The Future)"(12"/Ext.Mix/1987/Megatone)
9)CISSY HOUSTON"Youre The Fire"(12"/Long Version/1980)
10)"DC Le Groove"(12"/GW Edit/2007/DiscoDeviance)
11)DONNA SUMMER"Autumn Changes"(LP/"Four Seasons Of Love"/76/Casablanca)
12)"Addiction Number Three"(12"/2007/Good Man 02)

13)ARIZONA"Music Ship"(7"/1976)
14)BACIOTTI"Black Jack"(12"/Alternative Version/Re-Edit By Serge Santiago/2007)
15)DELILAH"Are You Ready"(LP/"Dancing In The Fire"/1979/Sunshine/Pict.Disc)
16)THE REEL"Percussion"(12"/Long Version/1983/RamsHorn)
17)PURE ENERGY"Party On"(12"/Long Version/1980/Prism)
"Dance Classics Volume 2"/1977)
19)STEEL PULSE"Revolution Dub"(12"/Take II/1978)
20)EL COCO"Mondo Disco"(12"/Version Especial De Disco/1976/AVI)
21)EL COCO"Cocomotion(Part 1&2)"(LP/1978/AVI Records)
22)PRECIOUS WILSON"Killing Me Softly"(LP/"On The Race Track"/1980)
23)DISCO MOZILLA Vol.5(EP/B2/2007)
24)GOLDIE ALEXANDER"Show You My Love"(2xLP/V.A./"Groove On Down"/1981)
25)HANS-MARTIN MAJEWSKI"Stern von Afrika(Southern Cross)"(LP/V.A./"Follow
26)SAMMY BARBOT"New Mexico"(12"/Long Version/1979)
27)LIQUID GOLD"Mr.Groovy"(LP/"Dance Yourself Dizzy"/1979/Creole)

28)TERRY GONZALEZ"Hunger For Your Love"(12"/Long V./Mixed By Tony Humphries/
29)DISCO ETTORE"Far Side"(12"/Prod.By LaBionda/1977)
30)LADY LOVE"Wrap Your Arms Around Me"(12"/Long Version/1977/T.K.)
31)HERBIE HANCOCK"Lite Me Up"(12"/Spec.Ext.Version/1982)
32)FIRST CHOICE"Its Not Over"(12"/The Hithouse Mix/1990/RamsHorn)
33)JULIUS BROWN"Diana"(12"/Mixed By John Jellybean Benitez/1983/West End)
34)THREE DEGREES"Jump The Gun"(12"/Part Two/1979)
35)AL MARTINO"Torero"(12"/Long Version/1979)
36)TERESA BREWER"Music, Music, Music"(12"/Long Disco V./1976)
37)S.W.A.T."Im Gonna Dis You"(12"/Gentle Dis/Soulfood)
38)I.R.T."Lullaby Of Broadway"(12"/Long Version/1977)
39)OLIVER"Everybody Wants To Be The Boss"(12"/Long Version/1982)
40)HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUENOTES"Baby, I Got My Nose Open"(12"/Long V./
41)SEXPRESS"Its All Out"(12"/Sunsonic Mix/1992/RhythmKing)
42)MARTINIQUE"Bedtime Story"(12"/Long Version/1979)

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