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Wake up
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Sendung vom 20.10.2007 11:00:

WAKE UP with stuard - zu gast: THE PINS & LEHNEN

"Energy, melody, and solid song-writing - these are intrinsic elements of The Pins. Listeners are inevitably
compelled to hum a Pins song long after listening to it,
like a sweet after taste to a satiating meal. The Pins bring new life to the traditional guitar, bass, and drums line-up; they have an astounding talent for creating a distinct, full sound without the use of any additional instruments. Somewhere between the elloquent lyrical content and hammering guitar riffs The Pins deliver a freshness to a genre that seems almost to have forgotten how to breathe."
Joel Boyd, January 2007

Band Einflüsse:
Kashmir, Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, Queen, Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, The Hives, Metallica, Billy Talent, Girls In Hawaii, Marilyn Manson, 31 Knots, Delbo,



The music of Lehnen moves between straight Rock Songs and swelling Postrock pieces. The classic Line-Up of Guitar/Bass/Drums are furthered through the additions of Synthesizer, Glockenspiel and Accordion. The songs are conveyed with much emotion; the changes between quiet passages and loud explosions make Lehnen (particularly in the Live Setting) to an intense experience. Music one can dive into and dream.

Band Einflüsse:
sigur rós, smashing pumpkins (billy corgan), deathcab for cutie, jimmy eat world, coldplay, mono, and david hasselhoff


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