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Special Edition hosted by DJ Anbaesa

Reggae Legends: Toots & The Maytals

The legendary Toots Frederik Hibbert with his band The Maytals starts off a series of Special Editions about the "Legends of Reggae". This time we feature music from three of Toots´ latest albums: "World Is Turning", "Light Your Light" and especially "True Love", which finds Toots performing with some of the most famous artists from various music-genres.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

-)Stil Is Still Moving To Me- Toots&The Maytals feat Willie Nelson (True Love/V2 Records)
-)True Love Is Hard To Find- Toots&The Maytals feat Bonnie Raitt (True Love/V2 Records)
-) Pressure Drop- Toots&The Maytals feat Eric Clapton (True Love/V2 Records)
-)Time Tough- Toots&THe Maytals feat Ryan Adams (True Love/V2 Records)
54-46 Was My Number- Toots&THe Maytals feat Jeff Beck(True Love/V2 Records)
-) Funky Kingston- Toots&THe Maytals feat Bootsy Collins and The Roots (True Love/V2 Records)
-) Reggae Got Soul- Toots&The Maytals feat Ken Boothe and Marcia Griffiths (True Love/V2 Records)
-Reggae Got Soul- Toots&THe Maytals feat Gentleman (True Love/V2 Records)
Take A Trip- Toots&THe Maytals feat Bunny Wailer (True Love/V2 Records)
-)Love Gonna Walk Out On Me- Toots&THe Maytals feat Ben Harper (True Love/V2 Records)
-)Careless Ethiopians- Toots&THe Maytals feat Keith Richards
(True Love/V2 Records)
-)Feel Free- Toots&The Maytals feat Luciano (World Is Turning/Edel)
-)Love Is The Best- Toots&The Maytals (World Is Turning/Edel)
-)Jungle- Toots&THe Maytals (World Is Turning/Edel)
-)Livity- Toots&THe Maytals (World Is Turning/Edel)
-)Half Way Tree- Toots&THe Maytals (World Is Turning/Edel)
-)Premature- Toots&The Maytals feat Bonnie Raitt (Light Your Light/Import
-)Love So Strong- Toots&THe Maytals (Light Your Light/Import)
-)Celia- Toots&The Maytals (LightYour Light/Import)
-)Image Get A Lick- Toots&The Maytals (Light Your Light/Import)
-)See The Light- Toots&The Maytals (Light Your Light/Import
-)Who Nuh Knows- Toots&The Maytals (World Is Turning/Edel)
-)Our Father- Toots&The Maytals (World Is Turning/Edel)
-)Light U Light- Toots&The Maytals (Light Your Light/Import)