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Sendung vom 29.03.2008 18:30:

Dancehall Edition

!!! Tschebberwooky Interview & Their New Album !!!

This time we are really happy to present you a really specail Dancehall Edition!

A few days ago we met the lead singer of the Austrian band Tschebberwooky for an interview. The main reason for the interview was to get some information about their upcoming album "Tschebberwooky & Friends Unplugged - The Wooky People"! We had a really good time and he told us several interesting and funny stories! Besides this really nice interview it gets even better: YOU have the one time opportunity to WIN one of three brand new Tschebberwooky albums "The Wooky People" during the show!

Furthermore we will provide you with several new riddims and we will present you two other new album releases!

So don't miss this show!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Junior Kelly - If Love So Nice (If Love So Nice/VP)
Morgan Heritage - Brooklyn to Jamaica (Mission In Progress/VP)
Morgan Heritage - Headlines (Mission In Progress/VP)
Morgan Heritage - Nothing to Smile About (Mission In Progress/VP)
Serani - Study People (Riddim:Drum Lane/Fire Links)
Tony Matterhorn - How We Grow (Riddim:Drum Lane/Fire Links)
Elaphant Man - Calm Dem (Riddim:Drum Lane/Fire Links)
Sizzla - Defend It (Riddim:Bread Back/Bread Back)
Delly Ranx - Nuh Care (Riddim:Bread Back/Bread Back)
Busy Signal - Unknown Number (White)
Erupt - Click My Finger (Riddim:Gear Box/Truck Back)

!!!Tschebberwooky Special + Interview!!!
Tschebberwooky & Friends Unplugged - The Wooky People

Perfect + Chezidek - Journey(Riddim:Hit Drop/Irie Vibration)
Tubulence - Only Love (Riddim:Hit Drop/Irie Vibration)
Jah Mason - Dont Deny It (Riddim:Hit Drop/Irie Vibration)
Iriepathie - Marianne (45/Irie Vibration)