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HOT DISCO NIGHTS - The Winter Collection (1st/2nd January 2008) Now Its Dark

MidniteProgram compiled by SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...DiscoTunes for Your Mind, Body &
Soul...Love Is All That Matters...

1)PHYLLIS HYMAN"Loving You, Losing You"(12"/Long Version/1977/Buddah)
2)BEVERLY HILL"Keep Movin"(12"/Long Version/1982/OldTown)
3)TEDDY PENDERGRASS"Only You"(12"/Spec.Disco V./1978/Phil.Int.)
4)THIRD WORLD"Talk To Me"(12"/Long Version/1979)
5)PHANTOM SLASHER"Your Wishful Sigh"(2xLP/"Gruble"/2006/Bogan)
6)LEROY GOMEZ"Spanish Harlem"(LP/"Gypsy Woman"/1978/Casablanca)
7)QUEEN SAMANTHA"Mama Rue(CEst Moi)"(LP/1979)
8)TRAMMPS"Disco Inferno"(2xLP/OST/V.A./"Saturday Night Fever"/A Tom Moulton Mix/
9)DISCOCROSS"Suite Slide Returen"(LP/1978)
10)ARTS & CRAFTS"Ive Been Searching"(EP/V.A./"Underground Disco"/UDC006)
11)SKWERL"All Woman"(12"/No Dolls Remix/2007/Defected)

12)MARTINIQUE"Love Me One More Time"(12"/Long V./1979)
13)MICHAEL ZAGER BAND"Lifes A Party"(LP/1978/PrivateStock)
14)RONNIE JONES & DISCO CIRCUS"Lets Do It Again"(12"/Long V./80/Lollipop)
15)ESCORT"Bright New Life"(12"/2007)
16)GARCIAS SUPER FUNK"I Didnt Know That You Could Dance"(12"/Vocal/78/T.K.)
17)THE 202 MACHINE"Get Up(Rock Your Body)"(12"/Long V./1980/Strand)
18)LECTRIC FUNK"Sweet Sensation"(12"/Long Version/1980/Blockbuster)
19)SISTER SLEDGE"Make A Move"(LP/"All American Girls"/1981/Cotillion)
20)VINCE MONTANA"Heavy Vibes"(12"/Re-Edit/1990/Metromix)
21)FIRST CHOICE"I Can Show You(Better I Can Tell You)"(12"-Version/1980/
22)MELBA MOORE"Night People"(12"/Spec.Version/1979)
23)LUISA FERNANDEZ"Granada"(LP/"Disco-Darling"/1978)
24)ROLAND LOUIS"Percussion Rhythm"(12"/Long Version/1979)
25)XAVIER"Work That Sucker To Death"(12"-Version/1982)

26)GERALDINE HUNT"No Way"(LP/1980/Prism)
27)SYLVESTER"Dance(Disco Heat)"(LP/"Step II"/1978/Fantasy)
28)FAZE-O"Funky Lady"(LP/"Good Thang"/1978)
29)TANTRA"(A Place Called)Tarot"(12"/Dance Edit/1982/Disconet)
30)MAGNETIC TOUCH"Just In The Nick Of Time"(LP/"Falling In Love With A Dream"/78)
31)LOU RAWLS"One Day Soon Youll Need Me"(LP/"Sit Down And Talk To Me"/1979/
Philadelphia Int.)
32)BUNNY MACK"Let Me Love You"(12"/Long Version/1979/Rokel)
33)THE CLASH"This Is Radio Clash"(4x10"/"SuperBlackMarketClash")
34)UNYQUE"Disco Lullaby"(LP/"Takes Me Higher..."/1979/DJM)
35)RICK JAMES"Dance With Me"(12"-Version/1982/Motown)
36)KOOL & THE GANG"Morning Star"(12"/Long Version/1980/De-Lite)
37)MIKE OLDFIELD"Charleston/North Star-Platinum Finale"(LP/"Platinum"/1979)
38)DETROIT SPINNERS"Ill Be Around"(12"/1973/Atlantic)
39)REAL THING"Shes A Groovy Freak"(12"/Long Version/1981)
40)GENE CHANDLER"Does She Have A Friend?"(12"/Long V./80/Chi-Sound/20thCent.)

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